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Free Drive Download The Alchemist Secret Sauce Official Drum Kit

The Official Alchemist Secret Sauce Drum Kit, includes drum kits, sound effects, and more.

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What’s the best way to go about making  The Alchemist-type beats?

First it’s all in the samples, which you have. It’s gotta be dark and gritty, mostly with two or even one bar loops, pianos are cool but old French Jazz or something are better.

Secondly, the drums. Daringer and Uncle Al (lately), hardly ever put high hats in their beats, you want space for the artist to be their grimiest. Kicks, snares, and open hats. You want punchy, realistic-sounding kicks or thumpy, 808 type kicks. Realistic snares or ones with a high pass filter to get that slightly muffled classic sound.

His sampling technique also has to do with setting the right volume and pitch when chopping up samples. Sometimes a sample may contain a melody with no vocals and a different part of the same sample may have the melody with vocals. So when playing around with a sample you can make your own melody by jumping back and forth between the original melody and the melody with vocals if chopped correctly.

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