Boom Bap Drum Breaks and One Shots Kit Free Download


Boom Bap
Boom Bap Drum Breaks and one shots kit


Free Download Boom Bap Drum Breaks & One Shot Kit

1GB of One-shots and drum breaks kit for producing boom-bap and low school music.

Download Link  –

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How to go about making Boom bap Beats  –

Some people start with drums, but that can be a downfall – you might find that when you listen to drums without anything around them you can get way too caught up in trying to make the drums sound good without having any other elements to reference them to. You might find that a lot of the time with boom-bap, it’s not so much the individual elements – more so what they all sound like collaged together.

It’s advisable to set aside time to find samples that catch your ear and also set aside time to organize your sample library in an easily accessible way, one that works best for your workflow. Then just browse your samples and follow your nose with layering sounds.

So if you are a beginner in making boom-bap type beats from samples here are the steps you can follow.

1: Find the sample – You can find boom-bap samples here – Chop it up (16 pieces of sound — 16 drum pads).

2: Play with it, try to find a groove that sounds nice.

3: Play a drum pattern to it.

(You can also do Over Dubs / Separate Tracks — so you can have the Hi-Hat, Snare, and the Kick all be in their own specific lane).

4: Follow standard structure — 16 bars for Verse, 4 or 8 bars for a Chorus.

5: Do something to the Verse to make it sound different from the Chorus. You want your Verse to be a little muffled, so maybe throw a Filter on the Verse to make it have less of a high end and more of a Mid & Low end, but have the Chorus be shiny and clean.

Or, you can try adding some backing instrumentation on the Chorus that isn’t present during the Verse.

6:Keep it simple. You don’t need a hundred other things going on in the beat. You don’t need 10 different instruments all going off at the same time. You don’t need a bunch of Tempo Switches.

You’ll be fine if you just have some strategic Drum Mutes, like have a spot where your Kick disappears right before the transition into the Chorus. Or have a “Double Snare” pattern or maybe everything but the Hi-Hats goes away for the little piece right before your Chorus kicks in.

Have some drops during the Verse too, but not too many. Drops are really just there to make a spot to emphasize a particular rhyme.

7: Add some SFX, like grab some old sounds from something like Gundam Wing or He-Man, any kind of weird noises.

And that’s it. You’ve made your first boom-bap beat.

Download the ultimate boom-bap kit here.

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