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Charlie Puth Teaches Pop Songwriting & Production ( Free Download Charlie Puth tutorial

Free Download Charlie Puth Teaches Pop Songwriting & Production 

Charlie Puth
Charlie Puth Pop Songwriting & Production


Learn the full set of songwriting and production skills Charlie Puth tutorial uses to create his music. This class meets you where you are and pushes your skills to a whole new level.

Charlie Puth teaches you everything he knows in this one-month class, transforming the way you make music. Immerse yourself in Charlie’s unique creative process and leave the class with 2 release-ready songs of your own, and a new set of lifelong songwriting and music production skills.

About The Course 

During this one-month class, learn and practice Charlie Puth’s entire creative process. Finish the class with 2 release-ready songs you’ll want to share.

Finding Inspiration & Starting Songs

Charlie finds inspiration for his songs all around him: from the music he listens to, phrases he hears people say, or chords that play in his head. In the class, you’ll watch Charlie develop two songs from initial sparks of creativity into complete tracks.

Writing Lyrics & Pop Melodies

Charlie is known for his natural and relatable lyrics that tell a story and catchy melodies that get stuck in your head. In the class, you’ll watch Charlie write two original songs from scratch, explaining his thought process and workflow step-by-step.

Vocal Recording & Production

Charlie deconstructs his process for recording, editing, tuning, processing, and mixing vocals, including how to capture the ideal recording, how to comp and choose the best takes, and how to get professional quality vocals sitting perfectly in your mix.

Production Fundamentals

Charlie shares his end-to-end approach to producing a song, from tracking the first instruments and finding the best sounds to bus processing, effect chains, and mixing. During the class, you’ll watch Charlie produce two songs in real time.

Embellishing Pop Chord Progressions

Charlie is known for incorporating jazz-inspired chords to add character and variety to his songs. In the class, learn how to embellish pop chords with dissonant notes like 7ths, 9ths, and more to create a rich harmonic foundation for your tracks.

Arrangement, Layering & Composition

Charlie shows how to use arrangement, layering, and other composition techniques to expand a production from a basic vibe into a professional-sounding track. Learn to produce songs with rich textures, compositional balance, and a thick, full sound.

Structuring the Perfect Pop Song

Charlie breaks down the structure of pop songs and shows you how to expand a song from a verse and chorus to a full-fledged arrangement. Learn to keep your listener engaged throughout the song using transitions and dynamic contrasts between sections.

Creative Sound Design & Ear Candy

Charlie often integrates unique and original sounds into his tracks. In the class, you’ll watch Charlie create a guitar part with his voice, design an original instrument by blending a vocal with a synth, and add creative ear candy to keep his track interesting.

Manipulating Audio, MIDI, Analog Sounds

In the class, Charlie explains how he processes each type of instrument sound, whether a digital instrument, audio track or analog synth. Learn to create clean, polished instrument parts using audio conversions, fades, noise-reduction, and more.

Writing Synth, Bass, Guitar & Drum Parts

In the class, Charlie singlehandedly writes and produces every instrument part for two original songs, sharing his thought process for each one as he goes. You’ll learn how to develop your own drum beats, bass lines, or synth and guitar parts for your songs.

Vocal Stacks, Harmonies & Doubles

Charlie demonstrates how he makes vocals sound thicker and fuller with harmonies, doubles, and whisper tracks. You’ll learn how to record and produce harmonies and background vocals so that they complement the song without distracting from the lead.

EQ, Reverb, Compression & More FX

Charlie dives deep into compression, EQ, reverb, delay, filtering, and more. He shares the specific tools, plugins, and techniques he uses to apply these effects, and shows how you can use them to add more character and nuance to your productions.

Sounds, Synths, Samples & Plugins

Charlie shares all of his go-to plugins, synths, sample packs, and sound libraries that he draws on most frequently when producing his songs. He’ll show you how to select the perfect sounds and process them with effects to best complement your arrangement.

Pocketing Vocals, Drums & Instruments

Charlie explains how to pocket each element of a song so that it sounds natural, feels rhythmically correct and in time, and establishes a groove. Learning to pocket your vocals and sounds will help you create a clean, spacious, and cohesive mix

Automation & Advanced Techniques

Charlie walks through all of the advanced techniques he uses to take his songs to the next level. In the class, he’ll show you how he uses automation, sidechaining, filtering, LFOs, and more to fine-tune his production and create a polished, professional track.

Charlie Puth-isms & Pro Tips

In the class, Charlie will share his personal best practices and principles that define his approach to making music. He’ll also cover many of the tricks the biggest pop writers and producers in the world use to create catchier, more polished songs.

Mixing, Polishing & Finishing Tracks

Charlie Puth tutorial breaks down his end-to-end process for polishing, mixing, and mastering his songs. In the class, Charlie will share his go-to mixing and mastering plugins, what he listens for when completing a track, and how he adds his finishing touches.

Evolving as an Artist & Producer

Charlie Puth tutorial is constantly challenging himself to grow as an artist, songwriter, and producer by integrating new influences, genres, and styles. In the class, Charlie will show you how to expand your creative range and make music you’ve never made before.

Charlie Puth Teaches Pop Songwriting & Production Free Download

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