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Cookin Soul Drum Kit Free Download

Free Download Cookin Soul Drum Kit- The Main Ingredients (Vol 1 – 2) 

Cookin Soul Drum Kit
Cookin Soul The Main Ingredients Vol 1


Cookin Soul Drum Kit Reddit
Cookin Soul The Main ingredients Vol 2


Free Download Cookin Soul – The Main Ingredients (Vol 1 – 2) contains two volumes of  Boombap, RnB, Soul, and vocal samples that you can use in your Music Production. All made by Cookin Soul. Cookin Soul Drum Kit Download free.

Link – Google Drive

Size – 256MB

Download Link Below

Daily Producer Tip

How Does Cookin Soul Get His Beats So Loud Without Clipping?

Biggest thing for this is definitely compression in stages (using multiple compressors lightly on the different components of the beat/on the master channel) Setting up groups within the track has changed the game for me as far as mixing goes. Like having a drum bus and a melody bus and whatever other parts you can “glue” together will allow you to really shape your song to be able to be pushed to those super loud levels while still sounding amazing. Subtractive eq, compression, saturation, additive or tonal eq then limiting is a super super super-simplified chain I like to have on my master bus and this will help guide you to getting your tracks at 6/7 lufs. Pro L is super easy to use and I would try to learn what a limiter is actually doing. I would not focus on the numerical aspect of everything tho and just make stuff that sounds really good because that is what really matters. Mastering to -6 lufs is nice to know how to do but none of that is going to matter if the mix isn’t really good and all the individual pieces are coexisting.


 Download Cookin Soul Drum Kit- The Main Ingredients (Vol 1 – 2) Free

Google Drive


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