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Cradle and Jaycen Joshua The God Particle VST Free Download

Cradle and Jaycen Joshua The God Particle VST Free Download contains a variety of processing algorithms to provide depth, detail and clarity to your next mix.

Direct Download For windows.

Cradle and Jaycen Joshua The God Particle VST
Cradle and Jaycen Joshua The God Particle VST Free Download

Jacen and our Cradle team have spent three years refining every detail of The God Particle, from the harmonic algorithms to the user interface functionality, and nothing has been left unturned in our endeavor.

“To completely replace all aspects of Jacen’s analog workflow, hundreds of hours were spent in the research and development phase of The God Particle. Together we not only reproduced these processes but also improved them.”

Cradle and Jaycen Joshua – The God Particle Review

These are the God Particle Plugin Reviews taken from online producer communities.

Not quite “snake oil”, as it actually does something. That something being multi-band compression into a limiter. Except that you have no control over those components, as they are hard-coded presets. Whether you’re mastering heavy metal or acoustical folk, the settings will be the same. You just drop it in and hope it’s right for your project.

So if you love what it does, then have fun. I don’t know if it’s “just an ozone 4 preset”, but I’m pretty sure any version of Ozone could replicate it. But there’s a reason serious engineers don’t just pull up a preset – any preset – in Ozone and call it a day. Every project is different.

This is essentially yet another preset based plug-in that puts a lot of functions into a few buttons. Some people want a reverb plug-in that lets them pick the type of reverb, the predelay, the decay, the eq of the reverb, the size of the reverb, etc, and some people want a “turn it up” reverb. Neither are good or bad.

I obviously don’t know everything, but as some peeps were wondering what God Particle does, it is, with all probability, a combination of Jaycen Joshua’s much talked-about master bus settings, which are:

  • A clone of his legacy iZotope Ozone 4 harmonic exciter settings, giving you some crispness for the midrange,

  • An EQ curve with the ability for tweaking, that is exponentially increasing, starting from the low mids, rising towards 1 kHz and finally flattening out after around 4 kHz, all dependent on the percentage of the main “meat knob” (helping you to get overall volume and frontness),

  • A midrange stereo widener,

  • A clone of his settings in his McDSP Multiband Compressor, which he uses for glue,

  • An unknown limiter which is not very fast, maybe program dependent.

Link – Google Drive

Size – 9 MB (Compressed)

Cradle and Jaycen Joshua The God Particle VST Free Download

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Google Drive


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