Cradle The Spirit Free Download

Cradle The Spirit Free Download is Louis Bell’s signature vocal sound in a single plug-in.

Free Download VST Plugin Below.

Cradle The Spirit Free Download
Cradle The Spirit Free Download


College dorms, basements, hotel suites and backstage rooms; the modern-day vocal booth can take on all shapes and sizes. The Spirit was designed for all environments, allowing you and the artist to stay focused on the creative process.

We carefully distilled Louis’s complex chain of compressors, EQs and creative effects into an intuitive UI so you can concentrate on the performance without the busy work.

Keeping a fluid and positive vibe in a session is one of the most important aspects of capturing a perfect vocal performance.

With a slew of built-in tools and effects, The Spirit can easily dial in a mix-ready vocal chain in seconds.

Giving the vocal track a sense of depth and space that compliments the instrumental is absolutely critical.

Louis has added two of his favorite reverbs and a tasteful doubler, so you can be confident your vocal is getting the treatment it deserves.

Whether you are demoing ideas in your bedroom or adding the finishing touches to a mix, The Spirit is able to perform in any scenario.

With zero latency, and low CPU usage you can record final ad-libs or layered harmonies straight into your final mix session.

Cradle The Spirit Free Download

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