Creative Intent Remnant WIN/MAC Free Download

Creative Intent Remnant WIN/MAC Free Download is a digital delay effect and granular processor designed to create experimental sound scenes and sharp stuttering.

Direct Download For MAC And Windows.

Creative Intent Remnant WIN/MAC Free Download

Remnant fills the track with an analog tape-based delay line with its input signal, while two independent granular mechanisms working in parallel extract fragments of sound from the delay line.

These two engines provide feedback both within themselves and with each other, creating concentrated and constantly changing patterns in time and space.

Creative Intent Remnant also has a fully vectorial, resizable interface that extends the boundaries of the traditional design of audio plugins.

What really sets Remnant apart is the reactive freeze function. When turned on, Remnant freezes the signal in the delay line and infinitely draws and emits granules of this sound. In this case, Remnant waits until your input signal exceeds the envelope threshold.

As long as the input signal exceeds the threshold value, Remnant temporarily unlocks the delay line, allowing you to enter a new signal into the output stream of the granules.

With minor randomization and a few additional features like a vintage filter, mid / side mode, input ducking and classic wow effect, Remnant can always blow your sounds in a new inspiring direction.


Creative Intent Remnant WIN/MAC Free Download

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