Cymatics Dystopia Launch Edition Free Download

Cymatics Dystopia Launch Edition Free Download contains A Unique World of Retro-Futuristic Sounds.

Free Download Sample pack below.

Cymatics Dystopia Launch Edition Free Download
Cymatics Dystopia Launch Edition Free Download


Dystopia: Dark Melody Collection
Futuristic Style Electronic Melodies Inspired by The Culture of Cyberpunk
The Dark section of Cymatics Dystopia Launch Edition Free Download turns the focus onto the aesthetic driven sound of Cyberpunk music.
These electronic styled melodies carry a very cutting-edge and futuristic sound throughout each sample, inspired by the sounds of popular media such as the Cyberpunk 2077 video game, and many iconic films.
These are perfect for crafting high energy driven music, whether it’s a heavy Trap beat, EDM anthem, etc.

Dystopia: Light Melody Collection
Nostalgia Filled Melodies Inspired by The Retro Sound of The 1980’s
We took heavy inspiration from the patented retro sound of the 1980’s, with deeply nostalgic melodies throughout the pack.
This collection captures the magic of the Synthwave style with vintage synthesizer focused melodies that tell a story.
Our process for these involved studying the sounds of popular artists such as The Weeknd, Tory Lanez, Timecop 1983, Gunship, and more

Premium Cinematic, Cyberpunk, & Synthwave Style Drum Loops
CYBERNETIC focuses on energy driven Drum Loops, with multiple styles including 80’s Synthwave, Futuristic Cyberpunk, & Cinematic.
Inside you’ll get access to premium drum loops designed by the top producers on our team, within the context of each style.
Not to mention, we included the full stem trackouts for each drum loop so you can fully customize them to your liking.

Analog Synth One Shots For Creating Your Own Cyberpunk / Synthwave Melodies
For NEON, our team explored our vast collection of iconic vintage synthesizers to create a library of stand-out one shots.
Each of these were hand designed, inspired by the overall aesthetic of both Cyberpunk & Synthwave music.
You can audition each of these alongside your MIDI compositions to build your own melodies from the ground up.

Cinematic FX Inspired by The Unique Aesthetic of Cyberpunk
This pack hones in on the types of FX sounds you would hear in any Cyberpunk style of media, with a very cinematic feel throughout each sound.
You can drag these into any track you’re working on to give it that extra flair and bring everything together.
Inside this pack you’ll find everything from impacts, glitch fx, ambience, and much more.

Crisp & Punchy Drum One Shots In The Style of Cyberpunk & Synthwave
PULSAR captures the cutting edge drum sound of Cyberpunk, the 80’s nostalgia of Synthwave, and also various Cinematic style drums.
This pack includes everything you’ll need to polish your tracks, with hand designed Kicks, Snares, Toms, Cymbals, Hi-Hats, Claps, & more.
Each sound inside was pre-processed to fit the cadence of each style, with a mix-ready polish straight out of the box.

Cymatics Dystopia Launch Edition Free Download

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download 1 1


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