Initial Audio Sektor Free Download

Initial Audio Sektor Free Download is a polyphonic wavetable synth plugin with a highly intuitive user interface and customization features.

Direct Download For Windows.

Initial Audio Sektor Free Download
Initial Audio Sektor Free

Initial Audio Sektor was built to use a few system resources while having a massive high-quality sound.

Advanced modulation features such as feature-rich modulation Envelopes, ADSR, and LFOs can be routed to the synth’s parameters via drag and drop or via the right-click menu of the knobs. The Expression page gives you even more access to features such as velocity, aftertouch, and more.

It also comes with two effect racks, including high-quality effects such as reverb, delay, distortion, chorus, phaser, trance gate, compressor, stereo shaper, and a four-band equalizer. You can rearrange the order of the effects via drag and drop.

Features of Initial Audio Sektor

  • Polyphonic wavetable synth plugin
  • Highly intuitive user interface
  • Feature-rich modulation Envelopes
  • Shape each parameter of 16 voices
  • Create massive unison sounds
  • Comes with two effect racks

Technical Details and System Requirements

  • Supported OS: Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7
  • RAM (Memory): 2 GB RAM (4 GB recommended)
  • Free Hard Disk Space: 4 GB or more

Initial Audio Sektor Review

The Following initial Audio Sektor Reviews are taken from online producer community discussions between music producers regarding the plugin.

I don’t use it as a wavetable synth at all. To me, it’s more like a Roland XV module. It has some really good multi-sampled acoustic instruments, mixed in with synth layers. And a lot of the pure synth leads and bell sounds are awesome too. I really like it, but I compose 90s-style anime soundtracks, whereas a lot of other people were probably wanting to make modern EDM or something.

Its graphical user interface in the wavetable part is super straightforward, but allows for all kinds of complexity at the same time. If you loop a section, you can draw different things in real-time and hear how the wave shape you’re drawing sounds and can edit at many different scales, get to string and make a loop of the different waves and see how they sound together. I think it was a great learning resource, honestly, surprised to hear people saying it’s not a tool for experimentation as that’s literally all I used it for. 

I would say, if you’re looking for some really high-quality sounds, avoid Sektor — most workhorse synths that do wavetables sound infinitely better, both in the actual synth sound and the effects — you’d probably be very disappointed if you’re hoping this can perform alongside Serum or something. If you already know everything there is to know about wavetable synthesis, or if you aren’t remotely interested, avoid Sektor. If you are interested in wavetable synthesis but not sure it’s something you want to commit to, I think Sektor is honestly a decent option.

I got it in the last sale. Great little synth. Very versatile, and gets a huge amount of use from me, especially for basses, or movement-rich pads/synths. Well worth the low price during sales.

HOWEVER, in Reaper, the GUI is slow and glitchy. Does anyone else get the same behavior? It’s hard to dial in the precise values I want because of that. In Ableton Live it’s smooth as butter.

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Size – 59.8

Initial Audio Sektor Free Download WIN

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