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KBeazy All Drum Kit


Free Download KBeazy All Drum kits.

Keegan Bach, known professionally as KBeazy, is an American record producer and YouTuber born in Kalamazoo, Michigan, and currently based in Los Angeles, California.

You might have known him from his tutorials on youtube. Here you will find all the Drum Kits and Loop Kits he has ever made.

 Р8 Drum Kits / 12 Loop Kits
download 1
Google Drive

Size- 300MB


Why do producers tutorials sound good without mixing?

This one question was among many ones where people struggle when making the exact beat from the tutorials yet they find it hard to make them sound good as those producers like KBeazy do.

So what could be the solutions?

  1. Good sound selection. This doesn’t just mean use what sounds fire, use what is actually usable. Using a single sound that covers a wide range from low to high is going to muddy up your mix if you don’t eq them to leave space for other sounds. That pad might sound fire, but if it occupies your bass mid and highs, drop it or you need to eq it.

  2. Good composition. Do you have two instruments playing at the same time in the same octave range? Going to sound muddy without eq.

  3. Experience. It will help you with the first two issues. And become very good at Leveling.

  4. Take off the fruity limiter from the master channel and replace it with fruity soft clipper. The effects on the sounds is undeniable.



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