Looperator Free Download MAC

Looperator Free Download MAC is a Multi-Effect Sequencer, chopping any audio input at the transients. Manipulate the slices with a huge and colourful palette of tools.

Direct Download For MAC.

Looperator Free Download MAC
Looperator Free Download MAC

Looperator Free Download MAC  is an impressive application that is used for adding audio effects to your tracks and improving musical productions.

Previously the composers had to mark the sheets in order to tell the musicians how to play their instruments.

The Analog effects were introduced in the 70s while the synthesizers were used in the early 60s. But as the technology has evolved now you can add the effects through the digital audio workstation.


Features of Sugar Bytes – Looperator MAC

Below are some main features which you’ll experience after installing Looperator Free Download MAC.

  • An impressive application that is used for adding the audio effects into your tracks and improving the musical productions.
  • Slices up your tracks into 16 different parts and you can easily assign various different effects to every one of them.
  • Got five different effect modules and each one comes up with different colors and represents a distinct category like Loop, Envelope, Filter, FX1, and FX2.
  • Used for adding the effects over MIDI notes or the audio tracks plus you can also sync it not just only your DAW but also with the DJ software application.

Looperator Review

The following Looperator review is taken from an online producers’ community discussion about the product.

Sugar Bytes does make interesting stuff, definitely a dev worth supporting. A few of their offerings aren’t exactly intuitive (Aparillo, Obscurium, cough-cough), but Thesys is woefully underrated, and Turnado may be a bit old, but it’s still amazing at spicing up drums or loops, especially when automation’s applied to the Director.

Looperator is in virtually every thing I make. Essential plugin

 Looperator is amazing on a lot of levels. From beat mangling, creating strange ambiences, to streight up sound fx design. I’m really hoping Sugar Bytes updates some of the features on this, a limiter would be a crucial addition, as well as better volume control on the distortions.

Their stuff is so out there on a design level. I’m not sure who has messed with Obscurium, but that is one deep synth.


Looperator Free Download MAC

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