Kanye West Donda Original Drum Kits Free Download

donda kanye west

    Free Download Kanye West Donda Original Drum Kits. Packs from Donda Deconstructed! Real sounds and drum kits from songs Believe what I say, God-breathed, Heaven and Hell, Hurricane, Junya ,  Jonah, and more from ye’s album Donda.   Kanye Is best known for his drums and sampling techniques. Many producers ask for advice …

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Full Mixing and Mastering Tutorial With Cheat sheets Free Download

cropped KITS4BEATS 3

      Free Download Full Mixing and Mastering Guide With Cheatsheets. Learn mixing and mastering from Beginner to advanced using these guides and tutorials. Size; 285 MB   Tips on how long to learn how to mix and master? A lot of people forget that mixing & mastering doesn’t always mean a track is …

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FL- Studio Project Files Pack Free Download

fl studio flp

    Free Download FL- Studio Project Files. Type beats, Hip hop, trap beats, remakes, Templates, and more flp files.   How is mixing and mastering done at a professional level?  Most pro-level producers do not mix and master their own music. There are professionals who have audio engineering degrees who do mixing and mastering …

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30 Music Production Tips and Tricks

30 Music production Tips & Tricks (1)

Here are 30 music production tips and tricks from musicians and producers that can help you become better at producing music. Drums make the beat 9 out of 10 times. Lay your drums track down first and if you want to switch up the beat at some point, either try switching the pattern up, add …

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Masterclass Hans Zimmer Teaches Film Scoring Free Download

Masterclass Hans Zimmer Teaches Film Scoring

Free Drive Download Masterclass Hans Zimmer Teaches Film Scoring [13GB] The Oscar-winning composer of 150 films from The Lion King to The Dark Knight. In his MasterClass, the self-taught Academy Award-winner teaches how he creates sounds from nothing, composes compelling character themes, and scores a movie.  

FrontRow Amit Trivedi Learn Music Composition Free Download – Torrent Link

maxresdefault 3

  FrontRow Amit Trivedi Learn Music Composition Details – Amit Trivedi is a national award-winning music director, in this course he teaches his process behind creating music for our most loved songs. You’ll learn the fundamentals of music composition, techniques to make songs stand out & build a career in music. 1.Scales and Notes : …

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How to mix 808s for beginners : A step by step guide

How to mix 808s

  Mixing 808s could be a little challenging. New and starting producers ask how to mix 808s because one of the hardest things to do when mixing music is finding the perfect balance in the low end. It’s what gives life, the thumb, the feel, and the vibe to your music, so messing it up would …

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