Nugen Audio Stereoizer 3 Free Download WIN/MAC

Nugen Audio Stereoizer 3 Free Download uses advanced psychoacoustic processing to spread out mono sounds into the stereo mix, without adding reverb or creating phase problems.

Direct Download VST Plugin.

Nugen Audio Stereoizer Free Download
Nugen Audio Stereoizer Free Download

If you’ve ever struggled to place a mono track in a stereo mix, then you’ll appreciate exactly how useful NuGen Audio’s Stereoizer can be. This amazing mixing tool offers an easy solution to a specific problem, fabricating realistic stereo ambience out of mono information, without adding reverb or committing the kind of phase-relationship atrocities that will cause your mix to collapse. And with its advanced yet easy-to-use control set, Stereoizer not only turns your mono tracks into stereo, it lets totally define your content’s stereo image.

Make your stereo tracks even more spatially satisfying

Mono-to-stereo manipulation isn’t the only thing Stereoizer is good for. This powerful plug-in processor also lets you manipulate your stereo tracks or even whole mixes using some pretty sophisticated psychoacoustic tricks. Lucky for you, you don’t need to be audio physicist or technical genius to work out the Stereoizer’s fairly straightforward controls, which let you broaden your stereo field, add spatial ambience, and define your center space, all with exquisite graphical feedback.


Total mono compatibility keeps your mix from collapsing

Here’s where NuGen Audio’s Stereoizer addresses something Sweetwater Sales Engineers have explained countless times: the need to consider your mono mix. Great, huge stereo sound is wonderful, but not if it comes at the expense of sabotaging the phase relationship of your mix. Luckily, Stereoizer is totally mono compatible, meaning that when you sum your artificially “stereoized” tracks to mono, they return to their original state. That way, when you play your finished material over a mono sound system (like those found in pretty much any club, bar, or restaurant) nothing will unexpectedly drop out of the mix.


NuGen Audio Stereoizer Stereo-field Manipulation Plug-in Features:

  • A powerful tool that lets you turn mono tracks into stereo tracks and define you stereo field
  • Advanced psychoacoustic algorithms turn mono tracks stereo without adding reverb or creating phase anomalies
  • Flexible stereo-field controls let you expand, focus, and define your space, even when applied to stereo tracks or whole mixes
  • Total mono compatibility ensures that when you sum your mix to mono, nothing is lost
  • Straightforward user interface makes this sophisticated plug-in easy to use
  • Compatible with nearly any VST or AU plug-in host on Mac and Windows PCs

Nugen Audio Stereoizer 3 Free Download WIN

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Nugen Audio Stereoizer 3 Free Download MAC

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