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Free Drive Download Output Arcade – v2.0.5

Arcade VST
Arcade VST Crack Free Download

Arcade VST Crack

Arcade is an inspiration machine with new content delivered every day and tools to transform it all so it sounds like you. It even works with your own loops. The second version of Output’s sample-based synth now lets users write notes and melodies, adding much more versatility to the software. Note Kits feature velocity-sensitive, multi-sampled audio that can be performed polyphonically and with a range of 88-keys. These are organised under larger collections known as Lines, and each brings unique, pre-crafted sounds that can be easily implemented to productions.

Pre-existing Lines – such as Hooked, Drip, Memento, and Modular Circuitry – now feature their own Note Kits. The UI gives you musical parameters that let you make broad adjustments to each sound, but if you need more control, there’s the Tweak page. The Tweak page lets you delve into each Note Kit to make adjustments to the individual samples making it up. You can also create your own presets using the library of samples provided by Arcade.

It’s also possible to use your own samples, thanks to the AI-powered preset generator. Simply drag your audio into Arcade and it will generate a custom kit – with locked tempo and key – to get you going in no time. Other enhancements include a redesigned Sampler Kit Keyboard with better visual feedback, and a refreshed Tweak page that’s easier to navigate. New content will continue to be added to Arcade on a daily basis.

“It’s really exciting to see a single ecosystem where creators can make music and tap into new content every day,” says Output CEO Gregg Lehrman. “What you can do in Arcade used to take a dozen different plugins. Now, you’ve got vocal chops, chords, melodies, basslines, loops, samples and one shots – all in a single place, all refreshed daily. I wish I had this when I was making music all day, every day.”

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 Thousands of samples to elevate your sets.
Arcade is a sample playground with tools to transform it all so it sounds like you. Whether you’re looking for atmospheric textures, hard-hitting 808s, or sitar riffs, ARCADE has everything you’ll need to build your tracks.


 Infinite inspiration.
ARCADE comes with a massive collection of 40+ Lines – that’s over 50,000 loops made exclusively for ARCADE – and you’ll get new sounds delivered daily with your subscription.


 Creativity without limits.
ARCADE comes fully loaded with powerful tools to manipulate and play loops like never before. Customize our sounds or upload your own samples.

 Features & specifications

  • Arcade is a software instrument with Sampler Kits (15 different Samples with unique Modifier keys) and Note Kits (fully polyphonic keys, plucks, and more)
  • It’s available to use in all major recording programs and as a standalone Desktop app
  • Cloud-connected browser delivers new product Lines, Kits, and Samples daily, directly within the plugin — Download only the sounds you want
  • Transform and chop up Samples on the fly with Output’s proprietary Modifiers
  • 11+ FX, 4 Macro sliders, and deep modulation functionalities
  • Play your own melodies, chords, and riffs with Note Kits: polyphonic sampled instruments
  • Multi-channel mixer interface with 4-insert master bus and 2 bus sends in each Kit
  • Drag and drop your own samples into Sampler Kits, with automatic key and tempo detection
  • Transpose Samples into new melodies and progressions in real time with Playable Pitch
  • Kit Generator: Automatically slice and map any sample into a new custom Sampler Kit
  • Input Quantize tightens up your live performances on the way in
  • Search, browse and sort Kits and Samples by genre, instrument, and description to find the perfect sound quickly
  • Resizable user interface
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