Physical Audio Modus Free Download

Physical Audio Modus Free Download uses our latest research in collision modeling to connect acoustic elements together. Strings, plates, springs, and rattles collide, literally, in algorithmic air to generate tones that resonate and react just like they would outside the virtual realm. These elements are combined in different ways to create three types of instruments.

Free Download VST Plugin Below.

Physical Audio Modus Free Download
Physical Audio Modus Free Download


These techniques produce physical models that have real acoustic qualities and dynamic expression, without using any samples or impulse responses.

Enter a sonic Imaginarium where hard physics meets soft synth processing. Modus is a virtual world of conceptual instruments, modeled with cutting-edge physical behaviors and acoustic properties.

Each voice has up to four connected strings which can be plucked or act as resonators. The strings are connected by either rattles that give collision effects as the strings vibrate, or nonlinear springs. Physical parameters control the decay, mass and harmonic content along with individual semitone and fine tuning controls.

The more you delve into the effects and modulation options available to you in Modus, the more depth you’ll find in your sound – there’s playable realism in every corner of the plugin.With two LFOs that can be assigned to certain parameters, featuring sine, sawtooth up and random shapes, and host tempo sync, alongside complete MPE-compatibility, a whole new realm of expression and augmented musical reality is waiting.

Key Features

– 3 configurations of physical models

– MPE-compatible

– LFO modulation

– Gain mixer with Pre-amp limiter

– High and Low-shelf EQ

 – VCF with circuit-modelled drive section

– Stereo Delay

– High quality Reverb

– VST3 and AAX for Windows

– AU, VST3 and AAX Universal Binaries for macOS

Physical Audio Modus Free Download

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VST Plugins For Windows HERE.

VST Plugins For MAC HERE.

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