Pickup Music Neo-Soul and RnB Guitar Class Free Download

Pickup Music Neo-Soul and RnB Guitar Class Free Download will fuel new melodic ideas and make your rhythm playing shine.

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Pickup Music Neo-Soul and RnB Guitar Class Free Download
Pickup Music Masterclass

Pickup Music is an immersive education platform.

Learn the foundational concepts behind the buttery-smooth sound of neo-soul.

They offer online guitar lessons and Master Classes from the world’s top musicians.

From renowned artist-educators to professional touring guitarists, they work with a diverse roster of artists to produce lessons based on topics that their fans and our members most want to learn. These lessons are exclusive to Pickup Music.

Some of the artists they work with include: Isaiah Sharkey, Ichika Mo, Ariel Posen, Arianna Powell, Horace Bray, Emily Browning, Nicholas Veinoglou, Molly Miller, Gilda Heckselman, Yogam Silverstein, Kazuki Isogai, and many more.

Once you become a member, you’ll have unlimited access to all of their online lesson content (including all future lessons, which we release on a regular basis.)

Pickup Music Review

The following pickup Music Review for www.pickupmusic.com ,an online guitar course for intermediate players, are found in online producer community discussions from people enrolled in their classes.

I like them a lot! You have to be very self-motivated to get value from it, they don’t have a “magic method” or anything, but they do have a buffet sample pack from a huge number of incredibly talented artists. Their master classes were a little too short and unstructured for my tastes, but in the last few months they’ve been making “boot camps” that are deep dives, and I really dig those.

The boot camps are awesome. I’ve tried other paid services (guitar tricks, still subscribed for the song lessons which are great, and guitar zoom, which didn’t work so well with me, too much focus on dad rock), and I enjoy pickup the most.

The boot camps are focused on a singular thing which I think has been helpful as a self-learner who needed to escape the dread of feeling there are too many things to practice and not knowing what to practice. I’m on level 5 of the CAGED boot camp and I think sticking with learning one thing at a time has paid off massively.

There’s essentially a concept and then you’re given an explanation of the concept and exercises to implement the concept in a musical way.

I really like them as a community, and there’s some good lessons from great guitarists on there. Some of their advanced stuff is pretty great. But the master classes feel more like vignette highlights of areas instead of comprehensive guides.

I have seen great growth in my playing with them, I recommend giving it a try especially considering your playing level.

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Pickup Music Neo-Soul and R&B Guitar Class Free Download

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