Plugin Alliance Lindell 902 De-Esser Free Download

Plugin Alliance Lindell 902 De-Esser Free Download in a plugin that automatically adjusts to any signal for smooth de-essing and incredibly simple operation.

Free Download VST Plugin below.

Plugin Alliance Lindell 902 De-Esser Free Download
Plugin Alliance Lindell 902 De-Esser Free Download


The original dBx 902 de-esser was an instant classic when it was released in the 1980s. With an ingenious design and extremely simple workflow, it quickly became a mainstay in major studios all over the world, finding its way onto countless hit records. Today, Lindell Audio brings this design to the DAW, adding new features that make it even better than the original.

Automatic de-essing that instantly adapts to any instrument
Don’t let its looks deceive you: the minimalist 2-knob workflow of the Lindell 902 de-esser is made possible by some very sophisticated engineering under the hood. One of the most remarkable things about the 902 is that it doesn’t have a threshold control. But this is a feature, not a bug. The 902 compares the level of the high frequency you select to the rest of the signal, allowing for equally smooth de-essing whether your signal is whisper quiet or screaming loud.

Reduce harshness on any source without second guessing
The lack of complex controls on the 902 makes it easier to use—and harder to mess up—than most other de-essers. No fixed threshold means you no longer have to compromise by over-processing loud sections or under-processing quiet ones. But all this wouldn’t mean much if it didn’t sound any good. Fortunately, the 902 is also one of the best sounding de-essers ever made, suitable not only for voice, but also for controlling excess brightness on cymbals, guitars, or any other instrument with potentially harsh transients.

Now with new features only possible in the digital domain
The Lindell 902 takes a bona fide studio classic and updates it with extra features for the 21st century including a graphical layout showing exactly what the de-esser is doing in real time, a “mix” knob, an “air” control to bring back brightness after de-essing, and a “listen” feature to hear exactly what the de-esser is doing.

Plugin Alliance Lindell 902 De-Esser Free Download FEATURES

  • Faithful emulation of a classic de-esser heard on countless hit records.
  • Incredibly simple workflow: Just set the target frequency and the desired amount of gain reduction.
  • No fixed threshold control means the de-esser automatically adapts to the level of your signal, for equally smooth de-essing in loud and quiet passages.
  • Mix knob to blend processed and unprocessed signals together.
  • Listen function to audition the de-esser sidechain and gain reduction independently.
  • Air control to apply a smooth high-frequency boost to regain lost high-frequency content.

Plugin Alliance Lindell 902 De-Esser Free Download


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