PML Mixing Start to Finish in FL

PML Mixing Start to Finish in FL is a +7 hours long course where we show you step-by-step everything you need to know & learn to achieve ready-to-release mixes.

Free Download Tutorial below.

PML Mixing Start to Finish in FL
PML Mixing Start to Finish in FL

What You Get

  • A complete start-to-finish mixing course with lifetime access. Learn at your own pace.
  • 35+ Studio sessions with Ozgun / PML over 7h+ online video sessions
  • 6 FL Project Files (3 different tracks, mixed and unmixed versions) including all stems as WAV files.
  • BONUS: FL Presets to use on your own downloads

Detailed EQ Techniques
Volume and EQ are two of the most important aspects to get right when creating a balanced mix. In this course you’ll see every step

Mixing for Different Genres
In this course we will be mixing 3 different tracks in 3 different genres: Peak Time Techno, Melodic House, and Melodic Techno.

Track Specific Sample Mixing
You will learn how to get elements to gel as one cohesive track by creating space in the mix.

Get the Perfect Low End
We will be exploring techniques to analyze and balance your low end so your track will translate from headphones to the club mains.

PML Mixing Start to Finish in FL Free Download

download 1 1
download 1 1


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