Prisms 3 Ripchord Edition Free Download

Prisms 3 Ripchord Edition Free Download is the third installment to our highly acclaimed and best-selling expansion suite for Ripchord.

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Prisms 3 Ripchord Edition Free Download

After the massive success of “Prisms”, we decided to take it a step further. The biggest news in Prisms 3 Ripchord Edition Free Download is that we listened to all of your humble requests and fulfilled our most-asked feature and now have made Prisms combability with Plugin Boutiques Scaler 2.

This means that you not only can have the power of Prisms integrated into this already beast of a midi plugin but you can once again enjoy VST2 support as well as be able to really go into depth with each bank and get creative by mixing and matching banks, trying different chordal modes and understanding the theory behind the progressions you create.

  • There are now 36 brand new key-labeled banks in the style of Jazz, Neo-Soul, Gospel, and R&B..
  • There are now 12 diatonic and parallel progressions per bank.
  • Each chord progression has 4 chords starting from C4 giving you a total of 48 chords per bank.
  • Each bank is transposable by 12 semitones (of course) which in theory would give you a little over 20,000 (48 x 36 x 12) chords to explore and get creative with.
  • We have now extended our bank genres to House, Soul, and Pop.
  • Explore a vast array of infinite chord progressions and humanized strumming with the press of a finger.
  • VST2 is now supported through Scaler 2.

Prisms 3 Ripchord Edition Free Download


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