Relative Pitch Ear Training Supercourse Free download – David Lucas Burge

Relative Pitch Ear Training Supercourse Free Download – David Lucas Burge is a coursefor all musicians who want a great ear for music: beginning, advanced, and pro.

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Relative Pitch Ear Training Supercourse Free download
David Lucas Burge – Relative Pitch Ear Training Supercourse Free download


Learn to speak and understand the language of music!

Relative Pitch Ear Training Supercourse Free download is a  gold mine of ear-opening knowledge and techniques by David Lucas Burge!

The complete Relative Pitch Ear Training SuperCourse includes 41 private Power Lessons on 41 audio CDs (or cassettes) — plus written Notes (no music reading skills required).

For ALL instruments (including voice) and all styles: classical, pop, rock, jazz, country…

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Relative Pitch Ear Training Supercourse Review

The following Relative Pitch Ear Training Supercourse reviews are taken from online producer community discussions.

I thought they were really good, I know I’ve read a lot of negative things on forums and stuff about them over the years. Almost always from people that were never able to finish the course, which I’ll talk about shortly.

I have the CDs from… probably early 2000’s, not sure what has changed, been updated, whatever.

Anyway, I will say that they are HARD to stick with. Like super hard. Maybe I’m just exposing how undisciplined I am, but I have started, stoped, taken years off, stared back up probably about 4 or 5 times with both courses over the last 15 or so years. Man I’m getting old haha.

He says everyone progresses at different rates. For me, getting about halfway through either course took about 6 – 8 months. And that’s doing the 10-20 min practices 5 days a week. Doesn’t seem like a big deal, but after a month or two it starts getting REALLY hard to commit to that every day. Life just seems to have a way of getting in the way.

You can do them by yourself, but you will need an instrument for perfect pitch course. I never used anything by my voice for the relative pitch course. At one point in life, I would sing the intervals while I was sweeping outside at my old job, and do the tests while driving in the car haha.

All in all, I think if you have a TON of discipline, and can actually get through it, I think either course would be good. I personally got more out of the relative pitch course because you can start “seeing it in action” a lot sooner.

He really does teach you to nail those intervals by ear right off the bat and every new one he adds it really starts feeling like a real accomplishment. Plus you’re not allowed to move on till you get every test 100% right so you are completely confident in your skills before adding a new one, which I really like.

Apparently with the perfect pitch course, you kind of learn the whole thing all at once at the end after a lot of training, who knows. At one point I did feel like I was starting to hear the “colors” every now and then if I wasn’t trying to.

The relative pitch course was really good though and I’m actually fingers crossed starting up again.

Relative Pitch Course: A really good course, but much harder than the PP (Perfect Pitch) course. I eventually gave up on it. I had a teacher who completed it in about 4 months. Others take over a year to complete. Perfect Pitch and Relative Pitch are completely separate talents. A person (like myself) can have perfect pitch, but their relative pitch might be lacking. The teacher who completed the course said he did the whole thing again just because he still wasn’t hearing it well enough. Others have said that even if one completes the course, it’s not going to make you into a Mozart. While that is true, I don’t think it can hurt if you can actually stay driven enough to finish the course. I gave up after level 2, because I kept failing one of the tests and I just decided my hearing was good enough with the perfect pitch ability.

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Relative Pitch Ear Training Supercourse Free download – David Lucas Burge

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