Softube Tape Free Download – Tape V2

Softube Tape Free Download turns the recording from a collection of individual tracks into a song, where everything is connected and works together.

Direct Download VST Plugin for Windows.

Softube Tape Free Download
Softube Tape Free Download

Softube Tape Free Download, with its component-level and physical modeling of three different tape machines, gives you all the warm vintage cohesion you could want in one plug-in. Add a few premium level features, like the mastering grade high shelf filter, stability control, and wet/dry mix knob, and you’ve got a new secret sauce. Mmm… tasty!

Select your favorite tape machine (A, B, or C) and adjust the Amount knob. Instant mojo. Easier still, load up one of the included presets to soak your tracks in analog tape sweetness.

Experiment with different tape speed settings, or open the Remote Control panel where you can adjust the machine’s stability, crosstalk amount, and several other features.

Like most Softube plug-ins, Tape is CPU-efficient. Use Tape on your master bus, or do it the retro way by adding Tape to every track. Tons of detail and texture, no CPU overload.


  • Left and right VU meters for level or Total Harmonic Distortion
  • Amount knob increases saturation
  • Three machine models (A, B, and C), each based on a different high-quality real world tape machine
  • Five tape speed values, measured in inches per second (1 7/8, 3 3/4, 7 1/2, 15, and 30) each increasing in fidelity on the last
  • Dry/wet mix knob
  • Stability control to introduce speed wobble
  • High frequency shelf offers mastering grade cutting or boosting
  • Crosstalk emulates bleed between channels characteristic of analog tape machines. Increases glue and fatness.
  • Tape noise can be switched on or off as required
  • Run and Stop buttons create the effect of the machine slowing to a stop, or rolling up to speed again
  • Input and output level faders give total control over gain staging

Softube Tape Free Download

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