Sonic Studio I.C.E Free Download

Sonic Studio I.C.E. is a De-esser, a frequency band specific Dynamic EQ, a frequency band specific Compressor, and a De-distortion plugin –all in one great plug-in for Mac and Windows. This download contains a google drive link to download the file

Free Download Sonic Studio I.C.E 

SOnic Studio ICE Free Download
SOnic Studio ICE Free Download


If you never have any problems with your Audio Projects, Then I.C.E. may not be for you. But in reality, there are always technical problems that range from subtle to critical and even some that are potentially fatal to the project.

Problems might include:

  • “Bad” distortion
  • “Hot spots”
  • Over modulation
  • Sibilance
  • Resonant bass frequencies
  • Overload
  • Digital harshness
  • Intermittent vocal distortion
  • Out-of-control cymbals
  • A generally unpleasant overall tone
  • Other offending audio elements

The new Software Plug-in from Sonic Studio and Legendary Audio

  • Removes or reduces distortion in recordings
  • Cleans up audio problems including overload, distorted instruments and vocals
  • Eliminates harshness, imbedded distortion, and other recorded audio flaws
  • Available now as AU/VST/AAX for OSX and Windows VST

Distortion, especially of the digital type, is a huge problem in audio today. It is very easy to get a “warm” microphone, a “warm” preamp, plug-in, mixing console, and other software.

“Warm” translates to generally “good” distortion (like cholesterol, there is good and bad distortion), but by the time the audio gets to the mixing or mastering stage, it is too warm (too much distortion) and it needs some I.C.E. (I.C.E is cool).

I.C.E can counter the distortion and clean it up by reducing or eliminating the distortion AFTER it has already been recorded and processed. This is just one of the important uses of I.C.E. It can be used to attack the aforementioned list of common audio problems.

SOnic Studio ICE
SOnic Studio ICE


Download Sonic Studio I.C.E Free


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