Splice : Digital Sentimentality, An Elxnce Moment

Elxnce tells us this kit acts as a chronicle of their past 2 years of production, a truly eventful and sound-defining period for online music that we now have the rare chance to sonically tap into for the first time. “All genuine and full of love from me to you, this is the ultimate elxnce pack.”

Free Download Drum Kit Below.


An early figurehead of digicore, working with names like midwxst, kmoe, funeral, and NOVAGANG, there’s hardly a corner of the scene elxnce hasn’t had a hand in. elxnce’s distinct style effortlessly mixes neo-nostalgic tropes of ‘10s EDM with the artist-focused perspective of prime trap production. At the young age of 18, they already have years of scene-defining credits and collaborations under their belt.

‘Digital Sentimentality’ is an ode to growing up online and a love letter to creating music in an internet space. Hard-hitting drums, all-basses-covered Serum presets, and hyper-catchy melodies that are definitively digicore (in MIDI and audio!).

Splice : Digital Sentimentality, An Elxnce Moment Free Download

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