Streaky Deep Dive Mixing Course Free Download

Streaky Deep Dive Mixing Course Free Download is a course that shows you a repeatable process that you can use for every mix you start, you’ll be amazed how pro your mixes sound when you apply these processes.

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Streaky Deep Dive Mixing Course Free Download
Streaky Deep Dive Mixing Course Free Download


No more starting from a blank project… You can use Streaky’s actual MIXING Template that has been created in all DAWs.

You will get exclusive access to mixing presets created by Streaky… The presets are only available as part of this course.

This course is taught by working professionals. It provides practical insight into how tracks are actually mixed in the real world, not just theory.


Let’s Get Started!

This introduction reviews all the essential elements of your mixing toolkit. It helps newcomers to the world of mixing understand the basics and serves as a refresher for experienced pros. We cover topics such as compression, EQ, and the anatomy of the kick and snare, and provide a main mixing template to work from. We also offer advice on how to use the tools in your toolkit to create the desired effect and maximize available resources.

Drum Processing

Every aspect of drum processing is in here, broken into two sections: the first covering electronic drums, and the second covering live drums. From working on how to organize your parts correctly, sorting timing issues, processing individual drum parts, handling overheads, routing, panning, and parallel processing, this section has it all when it comes to handling any drum section of a mix.

Vocal Processing

Mixing vocals requires knowledge of how to work with both male and female vocals, not just individually, but as part of the mix. You’ll learn all aspects of vocal processing, such as tuning, timing, layering, and adding the right amount of effects. You’ll also learn how to use side-chaining effects and manage automation within a mix to create stunning vocals every time.

Dance Track – Start to Finish Mix

Electronic music encompasses a broad range of sounds these days, and this mix covers all the aspects you’ll encounter when mixing a track made with electronic instruments. You’ll be guided through the mix template setup and systems you’ll use for any mix in this genre, which will help you achieve a consistent sound and workflow. You’ll also learn processing techniques for drums, vocals, bass, synths, FX, and more. Finally, you’ll learn mix buss processing to get the clean, polished, professional sound you need to stand out. This mix was exclusively produced with stock plugins to demonstrate that great mixes can be made with any DAW and budget.

Chill Rock – Start to Finish Mix

Mixing can often be a complex process, requiring intricate routing and techniques in order to achieve the desired sound. However, this mix is a great example of the subtle touches and techniques that are necessary when dealing with live instruments and vocal layers. Whether it be pop, rock, hip-hop, or any other genre of music, there are some tracks that benefit tremendously from a gentle approach such as this. This mix demonstrates that one does not need to over-process in order to achieve great results. The key is to make careful, subtle adjustments that can bring out the best in a track.

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Streaky Deep Dive Mixing Course Free Download 

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