Unison MIDI Blueprint Expansion Pack

Unison MIDI Blueprint Expansion Pack is the Ultimate Blueprint To Creating Perfect Chords In ANY Genre, Finishing Music Consistently And Making Your Music Radio-Worthy.

Free Download MIDI kit below.

Unison MIDI Blueprint Expansion Pack
Unison MIDI Blueprint Expansion Pack


Want To Take Your Music To The Next Level?

One of the main challenges producers run into after getting the Unison MIDI Chord Pack is…Not knowing which chords to use for each genre of music.

Because the truth is not all chords & progressions are created equal.

Each genre has unique frameworks that need to be followed in order to sound professional.

And without using the correct chords for the situation at hand…Making a radio-worthy song becomes next to impossible.

Even making a song that ‘makes sense’ and is relatable to people…Can’t be done if you’re using the wrong chords for the genre.

So How Do You Create The Right Chord Progressions For Each Genre?

The problem is, most of us producers don’t have years of music theory experience or the natural ability to instantly know what chords & progressions are ‘correct’ for a genre and replicate it.

And up until now there were 2 options:

  • 1. Wasting your time drawing in notes just to make a unideal chord progression for your genre that gets you no plays
  • ​2. Trying to re-create top chords & progressions from scratch, maybe coming close but never quite getting it


The Unison MIDI Blueprint Expansion Pack

The world’s first and only tool that allows you to create radio-worthy chords & progressions quickly and effortlessly across 20 genres.

With the Unison MIDI Blueprint you’ll be able to:

  • Instantly create radio-worthy chords & progressions – specifically in 20 genres of music.
  • ​Make your music connect with people at a deep, emotional level, so they play your tracks on repeat
  • ​Supercharge your workflow and inspiration to finish & release pro-quality tracks with consistency

It’s the easiest and most effective way for you to create epic, genre-specific chord progressions and get your music noticed in the scene.

You’ll quickly select from over 37,000 MIDI files available at your fingertips…

Drag & drop them into your projects to create radio-worthy, genre-specific chords & progressions instantly.

Unison MIDI Blueprint Expansion Pack Free Download

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