Vengeance Avenger VST Free Download

Vengeance Avenger VST Free Download is the most versatile and best-sounding on the market. It has a tone of features and an ever-expanding collection of some of the world’s top sound designers.

Direct Download For Windows.

vengeance avenger vst free download
vengeance avenger vst

Vengeance Avenger VST Free Download is a virtual instrument audio plugin. This synth competes well against well-known synths like Massive, Nexus, Sylenth, and Serum. You’ve never heard a synthesizer quite like this one. There are 1000 sounds in total, with analog modeling, FM, built-in samples, waveform drawing, 47 filter types, 30 built-in effects, and more.

Features of Vengeance Avenger (2022) 

  • 154 resampler waves.
  • 620 multi-sample.
  • External MIDI controller and pedal support.
  • 47 filter types.
  • Free routable FX bus and transfer effects.
  • Undo function.
  • Macro controller assigned to each preset for quick sound change.
  • 218 special samples (attack, noise).
  • Free-form OSC. Draw your own waveform.
  • Built-in resampling/wavetable generator.
  • 219 granular samples.
  • VST/PC and Intel Mac VST/AU and AAX-run on any compatible host.
  • Resizable vectorized GUI (4k support).
  • 8 apps, drum sequencer, 8-step QSS, 18 envelope generators.
  • One note can play up to 1000 OSCs.
  • Customizable lfos, 4 shaper modules (OSC level distortion device)
  • 930+ factory presets.
  • Thousands of OSC shapes (waveforms) are available.
  • 16 sub-outs individually routable to the DAW’s mixer.
  • Alias-free OSC, wavetable, FM and AM modulation.
  • MIDI learning function (connect external MIDI equipment with Avenger).
  • Import your own (multi) samples, drums, wavetables or OSC waveforms.
  • 168 drum kits, 168 drum sequences.
  • Various integration functions: chorder and self-developed “V-Saw” supersaw.
  • Comfortable preset search system/tag cloud.
  • 64-bit and VST3 standard (64-bit required!).
  • Key and speed area.
  • 30 fx formats (including ArtsAcoustic’s analog chorus, reverb, phaser, and more)
  • 596 wavetables.
  • Powerful and easy drag and drop mode matrix.

Link – Google Drive

Password if asked-

Size – 4.36 GB

Vengeance Avenger VST free download 

Google Drive
Google Drive


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