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90’s Old School Sample CDs Collection Free Download

90’s Old School Sample CDs Collection Free Download contains a huge collection of old unpacked CD collections including both best service packs!

Direct Download.

Full Details HERE.

This is an attempt to recover a part of the legendary item 90sSampleCDs from the archivist @CyberYoukai point …in his own words:
Everything is stored in WAV unless otherwise is stated at the end of the File Name. Keep in mind these are really old and haven’t been ripped by me to begin with, so a few tracks may sound glitchy or outright corrupted, nothing I can do about it.

A very special thanks goes to: – (Name Checks Out!) – (Lots of Rare stuff on there!) – (Future Music CD1 ftw!) – (Lots of oldies & goodies I got from them!) – (Lots of good stuff in AKAI iso Format) – (Special thanks for sending me alot of neat stuff!)
Plus some other sites and people who specifically requested not to be mentioned!”

The original 90sSampleCDs item was removed along with another mirror called “FreeSamplePacks Archive” due to an unfair claim.I’ve been tracking down, unpacking, converting and archiving all of the Old Vintage (and some Rare) Sample Packs/CDs I managed to find in the past 3 Years and recently decided to upload them all here for easy access and for the sake of preservation.
Size – 5GB

90’s Old School Sample CDs Collection Free Download

Direct Download


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