Accusonus Regroover Pro Download WIN/MAC

Accusonus Regroover Pro Download WIN/MAC goes way beyond conventional slicing and dicing, to extract individual drum hits from loops.

Accusonus Regroover Pro Download
Accusonus Regroover Pro Download


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There are already so many ways to work with loops in your DAW — slicing, warping, retriggering, resampling, and so on — that it’s hard to imagine anyone bringing much new to the table. However, Accusonus have done just that with their Regroover plug-in, which can deconstruct or unmix loops into their component parts, rather than simply chopping them into time slices. Once separated, these layers can then be treated individually. The Pro version also allows you to pull out individual hits from the layers and build them into a sample kit that can be played separately or alongside the original loop components.

Accusonus Regroover Pro Download is an instrument plug-in that comes in all the standard flavours (VST, AU, AAX) and works on all the main platforms. It’s a refreshingly lightweight installation as there’s no real library, just the Alpha Pack that contains five example projects and loop sets. In general the raw material for Regroover is any WAV file, but it will be interesting to see if a market for pre-made projects and kits emerges in this format.

Get Into Regroove

A fresh instance of the Accusonus Regroover Pro Download is a blank canvas, with a large arrow inviting you to drag in or import a WAV file. In Live and Logic you can drag a clip straight from the DAW’s integral browsers, including from the Apple Loops library in the latter. You can also drag from your computer’s filing system, but only if the DAW doesn’t hide your plug-in windows when another app has focus (as Live does). I couldn’t drag loops in from Pro Tools’ Soundbase browser, but was able to do so from the desktop. Alternatively, you can open a previously saved project, which will recall your layer settings and Expansion Kits.

Presented with a new clip, Regroover analyses the audio and splits it into four layers. You can make various adjustments afterwards, but this is always the starting point, and is the minimum number of layers. By default, the tempo is automatically detected and the clip time-stretched to match the DAW project — more on this shortly. To hear the results, you can hit the Preview button. Regroover does not automatically play back with the DAW: playback needs to be triggered on a per-layer basis using MIDI notes. Start and End Markers are provided for each layer, allowing you to set different loop lengths for each part.

The split process is somewhat mysterious. Accusonus say it uses an artificial intelligence algorithm, and it seems to separate the audio based on a combination of transients and frequency content. It observes a golden rule that “everything adds up to the original”, meaning that if you play all the layers back together without processing them, the result is the same as the original audio clip, with no phasing caused by overlapping content. Of course, isolated layers are not magically returned to their original sound sources. Some sounds may get split into multiple components, so the click of a kick drum might end up sharing the same layer as a snare, while the low-frequency thump gets its own track.

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Accusonus Regroover Pro Download

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