Acustica Audio Pumpkin Pro Free Download

Acustica Audio Pumpkin Pro Free Download is the latest Acqua plugin, available in VST, AU, and AAX formats, introducing a unique blend of a flexible dual-stage saturation section with a powerful analog-style EQ push/pull (LF – MF – HF). This innovative combination offers an exciting way to sculpt your sounds and make them come to life.

Acustica Audio Pumpkin Pro Free Download
Acustica Audio Pumpkin Pro Free Download

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Providing a complete selection of saturation types, this plugin can infuse your tracks with lively harmonic depth, coloration, revitalizing your audio. This marks Acustica’s first plugin in the Hyper 3 series to incorporate intelligent 3-band EQ emphasis and de-emphasis features, and the synergy between its sections is truly remarkable.

Nevertheless, the standout feature here is the real-time graphical representation that visually shows Acustica Audio Pumpkin Pro Free Download’s actions and behaviour – a huge improvement in the Acustica domain. Pumpkin Pro is all of this and much more…

Acustica Audio Pumpkin Pro Free Download Features
  • Hyper3 technology.
  • New ‘Aria’ engine supporting the new dynamic / real-time metering displays.
  • New “Anti-Aliasing” algorithm that significantly reduces the plugin’s aliasing issues.
  • Beautiful analog-style tone sculpting: intuitive 3-band pre/post Low-Mid-High shelving filters for seamless shaping of harmonics, density, and overall tonal balance.
  • A dual saturation stage with different selectable models: choose from 28 extremely detailed high quality saturation derived from analog sampled units.
  • Advanced Metering System with Real-Time Waveform Display: A new visual interface that includes RMS Input-Output meters and GR meters, designed to swiftly identify peaks and extreme values in the audio signal.
  • Advanced Saturation Displays: Two display that allow real-time visualization of the static curves and the saturation component of the plugin and the action of the shape controls, which can modify the shape of the distortion curves, making the distortion more dramatic or less pronounced depending on the selected model. They also show the visualization of both positive and negative reduction components, enabling you to see how the plugin is affecting the audio signal.
  • Visual Control and Precise Calibration: Pumpkin fits into a landscape of plugins that emphasize strong graphical components, offering the primary advantage of providing a highly detailed view of audio information.
  • Instant Feedback: Enhanced instant response of the controls, capable of providing immediate feedback on the impact of your adjustments, enabling you to make real-time changes to the signal to achieve the desired sound quickly.
  • High-quality oversampling, up to 64x; with perfect phase response.
  • Listening modes (Δ, LR, M, S).
  • Shape control to make the distortion more or less pronounced.
  • Great and distinctive sound.
  • Resizable and responsive GUIs.

Acustica Audio Pumpkin Pro Free Download


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