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Addictive Keys v1.18 Full [WIN & MAC] Free Download


Addictive Keys
Addictive Keys

Free Download Addictive Keys v1.1.8 Full for WIN & MAC.

Addictive Keys successfully sidesteps the complexity of more detailed piano libraries, delivering a genuinely useful palette of core sounds and excellent processing. Like Addictive Drums before it, it wholly deserves to be a runaway success

Classic pianos recorded with multiple microphone perspectives, powerfully built-in effects, and inspiring presets.

This Complete Collection comes packed with all our four pianos. Two acoustic and two electric pianos were recorded using a mix of modern and vintage gear. A large selection of production-ready presets will help you get great results fast.

Free Download Addictive Keys

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More About Addictive Keys- 

  • Addictive Keys is awesome. The sound is immediately usable (not much tweaking required, except for the Rhodes – but it lies in the Rhodes’s distinctive sound). Extensive editing options.
  • CPU hit is decent, it depends on how many effects you put in your sounds. The most comprehensive way to tell you about CPU usage is that it’s on par with NI Razor.
  • Their library offering is really small (a studio grand, an upright, a Rhodes, and a CP-80, only the first one is bundled when you buy AK), but it will suffice your piano needs for a long time. And here’s another thing – their library is very small – in the 1GB range while being still very capable. I would choose this over CPU usage every day, because I don’t have much storage space, but I do have some extra CPU power to carry the load.
  •  It does have plenty of samples for different velocities and is pretty expressive though. If you produce EDM and would just chop up your recording anyways, it’s definitely better because the recordings are great, but it’s not the best if you need a really expressive solo piano piece.

  • The Studio Grand has some interesting presets that sound more realistic.

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