AiXdsp Plugins Bundle Free Download WIN

AiXdsp Plugins Bundle Free Download contains various mixing plugins by AiXdsp for WINDOWS.

AiXdsp Plugins Bundle Free Download WIN
AiXdsp Plugins Bundle Free Download WIN

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  • Auto Engage

No matter how much you beg and plead, no matter how much you wait patiently, sometimes, your desires fall on deaf ears.

Wait no longer, that same auto engagement system you see on high end guitar systems is here right on your desktop/laptop/mobile device hosting your amp modeler of choice!

Put in your MIDI Continuous Controller signal and turn on and off your wah wah, pitch bender, volume control or any other MIDI switchable FX you want to modulate.

Audio Units Users: NOTE that Audio Units are not able to transmit MIDI CC messages. It will only function as a MIDI Effect.

  • Iconic Reverb

Our Iconic Reverb is a full-featured reverb putting you in complete control of the reverb components’ shapes.

Iconic Reverb includes the standard, traditional reverb controls, but add some novel control over the shape of the early reflections and reverb tails. Early reflections can be a standard ER generator or a user drawn ER shape, or any mix between the two. The reverb tail itself is drawn by an envelope, allowing for even reverse, gated or other nonlinear fix rivaling or surpassing the iconic hardware units of yesteryear. High and lowpass vs time envelopes are also provided. The ER and the tail also have their own EQs. HOW the reverb will be used in the mix is also well addressed, with side-chainable gate and ducking modules, allowing a control signal internally, or from a separate channel’s signal. A modulation and shimmer module give Iconic Reverb the ability to create these more modern reverb sounds, without even leaving the plugin! Quality of life user interface features like early reflection solo.

  • Multi Band Gate

The traditional way of doing this by chaining many gates and side chains is avoided in one, easy, convenient and informative package using MBG. In addition, each band can be mixed and processed separately so every band has its own particular enhancement(s) without messing up the others.

  • Note EQ
NoteEQ is an EQ/Limiter pre-tuned to note centers.

More than a decade ago, I made a version of this in WDL (thanks Rob!) to deal with the problem of “one note bass” and dealing with overly loud or overly dead bass notes across the bass fret-board. My mastering engineer ended up using it for far more things, and I have been meaning to update it ever since. In this version, you actually have a limiter per band. In earlier versions, just EQ-ing a hole sometimes caused more problems than it fixed, but now, with the limiter, you can get a hold of the mix when its making trouble and leave it alone when it isn’t! Click “E” (for Enable, were still deciding on the name) in order to enable a band (they are off by default) and “D” in an enabled band to turn on the limiter. Switch octaves with the +/- buttons under the spectrum. Note that the octaves are shown in the spectrum display so you don’t have to do the math.

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AiXdsp Plugins Bundle Free Download


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