ANTIAN ROSE – Sound Design De Zero A Pro

ANTIAN ROSE – Sound Design De Zero A Pro (SOUND DESIGN FROM ZERO TO PRO) teaches you all the fundamentals of synthesis, from the most basic to the most professional. You will see the physics behind the sound without getting bored with just theory because we will put into practice EVERYTHING we see.

ANTIAN ROSE - Sound Design De Zero A Pro

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Secret Tools

You will explore various SECRET tools and plugins used for sound design and how to use them effectively to create Drums, Percs, Leads, Pads, Textures, Basses, Plucks, etc., in any genre you want…

Drums & Percs

Do you want to create your own Reggaeton Drums? Trap? Pop?, etc… Here you will learn it! We will use different Sound Design techniques to create unique drums with their own identity, so that you can stand out.

More than 15 hours

The full course includes 8 modules and over 15 hours of content, covering everything from the fundamentals of sound design to more advanced techniques for creating unique, professional-quality sounds.

Programmed Modules

Each module is a unique experience, so you will have a schedule of the modules so that you do not become over-saturated and in the meantime, your questions will be answered in the community!

ANTIAN ROSE – Sound Design De Zero A Pro Free Download

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