Audio Damage Quanta 2 Free Download WIN/MAC

Audio Damage Quanta 2 Free Download is a 10-voice full-featured granular synthesizer built around an incredibly easy-to-use and capable granular engine, with a “sidecar” oscillator that can be used in addition to the granular source.

Audio Damage Quanta 2 Free Download WIN/MAC
Audio Damage Quanta 2 Free Download WIN/MAC


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New User Interface
The user interface has been cleaned up, modernized, and given panels for clarity and to accommodate new controls.

Modulation Assignment Reworked
We have replaced the matrix mod assign panel with a right-click context menu like those found in Continua and Phosphor 3. In addition, the controls now have indicators to show modulation.

Additional VA Oscillator
Quanta 2 Free Download has two virtual analog oscillators instead of the single one in the original. Use one for a sub bass, send both to the grain engine, granularize one and leave the other normal — whatever floats your boat!

Root Note Detection And Assignment
When you drop a sample on Quanta 2, or load it via the import dialogue, Quanta 2 attempts to find the root note of the sample. (This obviously works better on legato single notes than it does on chords or full music loops.) After the import, you can adjust the root note to taste.

Grain Pitch Quantization
You can optionally limit grain pitches to particular notes. This quantizing is post-modulation, so any randomization or mod applied to grain tuning will be quantized to the scale of your choosing. Quantizing respects the tuning table or MTS-ESP tuning as well.

Quanta 2 Free Download now has a chorus, stereo dual delay, and reverb taken from the Audio Damage library of studio effects.

New Modulation Features
The envelope generators and LFOs have been extensively improved. The FEGs pick up amplitude and time scale knobs, and the FLFOs get amplitude control, switchable bipolar output, and a sync switch which causes FLFO 2 to reset whenever FLFO 1 restarts. In addition, four Macro knobs have been added to the modulation panel, and these can receive a global MIDI CC assignment, thus allowing you to control the macros from the MIDI controller of your choice, no matter what the author of the preset chose.

Quanta 1 Preset Loading
Quanta 2 Free Download contains every preset from Quanta 1, and every post-release pack we have commissioned, as well as new preset packs from Red Means Recording and Red Sky Lullaby, and created in house. In addition, Quanta 2 will load any preset created for Quanta 1. If you have made presets for Quanta 1, just drag the folder in to the Quanta 2 preset user folder, and they will appear in Quanta 2 ready to go to work.


  • Multi-Format Sample Loader

    Audio Damage Quanta 2 Free Download WIN/MAC can load AIFF, WAV, Broadcast WAV, FLAC, MP3, and Ogg in any sample rate, bit depth, and channel configuration. It automatically converts the sample to the session’s sample rate, and attempts to find the root note.

  • Grain Engine
    Up to 100 simultaneous grains per voice, of up to 1 second long, with control over grain rate, pitch, direction, shape, length, panning, source position, and level.
  • Two Virtual Analog Oscillators
    Continuously variable wave shape, with pulse width modulation, and independent control over pitch (separate from grain engine.) Can be injected directly into grain engine.
  • Noise Source
    Noise source features a “color” control that affects tonal characteristics of the noise. Can be injected directly into grain engine.
  • Dual Multi-Mode Filters
    Filters can be used in serial or parallel modes, and include lowpass, highpass, bandpass, and notch in 2-pole and 4-pole configurations.
  • Flexible Envelope Generator (FEG) x 4
    The four FEGs are arbitrary function generators, with up to 99 steps, curve and step level control, arbitrary loop points, and host tempo sync.
  • Flexible Low-Frequency Oscillator (FLFO) x 2
    The pair of bipolar FLFOs utilize five controls (amplitude, phase, shape, skew, and warp) to access a virtually limitless palette of waveforms, and feature host tempo sync and retrigger.
  • Sample And Hold
    The S&H mod source can sample noise (random) or any of the other mod sources, at either a user-defined rate or a musical division.
  • Modulation Menu
    Every mod and MIDI source can be easily and simply assigned to any destination with the right-click context menu. Just right click, and add and remove all mod sources.
  • Microtuning With Tuning Tables And Global Tuning Offset
    Re-tune Quanta 2 to new intonations and temperaments with native support for ODDSound’s MTS-ESP session-wide tuning system. Alternatively, load tuning tables in  the open-source and easy-to-use TUN file format. A global tuning offset (default to A=440) allows you to easily retune the entire synth to match a different A frequency without using a tuning table.
  • MPE (MIDI Polyphonic Expression) 
    Quanta 2 understands both “legacy” MIDI and MPE. Use your Linnstrument, Roli Seaboard, Haken Continuum, or Madrona Labs Soundplane (among others) to directly access per-note pressure, pitch bend, and modulation.
  • Per-Instance Settings
    Quanta 2 utilizes a per-instance customization method: set MPE mode, aftertouch smoothing, pitch bend range override, tuning table, and global tuning offset for each instance in your DAW.
  • Factory Presets
    Quanta 2 comes with a substantial collection of factory content, including Designer Presets from Marcus Fisher, Joseph Fraioli, Chris Carter, Red. Means Recording, Red Sky Lullaby, and Richard Devine.
  • Cross-Platform Preset Format
    Quanta 2utilizes an XML-based preset manager, and stores the sample within the preset for easy asset management. Work between multiple systems without troubles, and easily share your creations with your friends, or make a preset bundle to sell, no asset management required.
  • Fully Resizable Hi-Dpi/Retina GUI
    Quanta 2’s vector-based GUI is resolution-agnostic, and displays the same on every system and resolution. Easily resize the UI (per instance) to match your visual needs, from postage stamp to poster-sized, and save your preferred size in the global settings.

Audio Damage Quanta 2 Free Download WIN/MAC

Includes Factory Presets

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