Audio Modeling – SWAM Solo Strings Bundle Free Download

Audio Modeling – SWAM Solo Strings Bundle Free Download brings the power of physical modeling to your orchestral virtual instrument library.

Audio Modeling - SWAM Solo Strings Bundle Free Download
SWAM Solo Strings Bundle Free Download


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Unlike samples, these meticulously modeled violins, violas, cellos, and double basses leverage the expressive power of physical modeling, offering the same natural response as their real-life analogs to give you real-time control over parameters such as dynamics, expression, portamento, and various articulations for stunningly realistic performances that will breath new life into your compositions.

Optimized for live keyboard performance onstage and in the studio, Audio Modeling SWAM Solo Strings is a game-changer.

What Modeling can do for your virtual instrument library.

Although sampling has been the core technology behind virtual instruments for decades, physical modeling has been advancing by leaps and bounds. A sample, while perfectly reproducing an instrument’s timbre and its player’s performance expression at the time of recording, cannot be manipulated after the fact — not without introducing undesirable, unnatural-sounding artifacts.

Modeling, a newer, advanced technology, algorithmically models multiple aspects of a physical instrument, giving you variable real-time control over them as you are playing the virtual instrument on your keyboard or in post production.

The instruments

Audio Modeling – SWAM Solo Strings Bundle Free Download

The SWAM Violin is one of the most realistic and expressive real-time controllable virtual violins we’ve had the pleasure to work with. As with the viola, cello, and double bass sections, Audio Modeling’s SWAM-S technology makes it possible to control the behavior of the main mechanical components of the instrument’s sound, such as the bow position, in real-time.

This lets you play, for instance, sul tasto violin articulations for warm soft, flute-like sounds, or sul ponticello for edge-of-your-seat Bernard Herrman-style scoring.

Limitless real-time expression

On all the instruments, velocity controls the attack and the portamento time; and has an effect on legato passages as well. Your mod wheel can control vibrato and a foot pedal can be assigned to expression. Go ahead — assign bow pressure to a knob on your MIDI controller. On the double bass, execute a portamento at any speed, during a crescendo or a diminuendo, while playing a tremolo. Real string players can do it, and now so can you! There is no limit to the real-time expressiveness on tap in the SWAM Solo Strings Bundle.

Taking Physical Modeling to the next level

The modeling gurus at Audio Modeling, led by Stefano Lucato and Emanuele Parravicini, have transcended the limitations of sampling by developing sophisticated proprietary technologies they call SWAM (Synchronous Waves Acoustic Modeling). SWAM virtual instruments sound amazing; their breathtaking realism largely due to the fact that their most important performance parameters are controllable in real time as you play them. That’s why composers at Sweetwater (who have their pick of the absolute best virtual instruments) are excited about Audio Modeling SWAM Solo Strings. We’re sure you will be, too!

 SWAM Solo Strings Bundle Features:

  • Proprietary SWAM technology models multiple aspects of a physical instrument
  • Variable real-time performance control for breathtaking realism
  • Includes SWAM Violin, SWAM Viola, SWAM Cello, and SWAM Double Bass
  • Multiple real-time-variable articulations per instrument
  • Real-time control over bow pressure and position

Audio Modeling – SWAM Solo Strings Bundle Free Download

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