Audioscape Golden 58 Preamp Free Download WIN/ MAC

Audioscape Golden 58 Preamp Free Download is a painstakingly made, high quality 2-Channel Microphone Tube Preamp. Utilizing 4 NOS input transformers! Each channel delivers 56db of Gain. All of this, combined with its six tubes and huge Polyprop caps, is bound to make all of your tube dreams comes true.

Audioscape Golden 58 Preamp Free Download WIN/ MAC
Audioscape Golden 58 Preamp Free Download WIN/ MAC


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Audioscape Golden 58 Preamp Free Download captures that tube sound of the Golden-era in spades!

The circuit is all original, based around the 5879 tube(hence the name Golden 58), which is the US military equivalent of the EF86 tube used in famous British preamps. In fact, we feel it is very much the American Answer to those Classic preamps from across the pond, the Tele V series and 47 style pre’s, with a few tasteful upgrades to bring it from yesteryear into the modern age. With the handy voice filters and separate Line Input jacks, this simple, yet elegant, preamp can cover a lot of ground.

With the help of Hi-Fi wizard Damon Coffman (tube guru & founder of Coffman Labs), we took his truly unique design and molded it over the course of the last 2 years into what became the Golden58. It’s truly the perfect companion for any serious Condenser Microphone and a next level tool for post production work. Simply put, anything you put through these sounds amazing. This is the equivalent of purchasing a fully restored vintage preamp with NOS transformers and tubes. As the name suggests, its tone is as Golden as its front panel.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!


  • Handcrafted in the USA

  • Stylish 2U 19″ Rackmount USA Made Case and Front Panel

  • 6 Premium, NOS Tubes-NOS Philips/GE 5879’s and GE/JAN 12au7’s

  • Separate Neutrik Combo Jack Line Inputs to crank mixes and source material through

  • Exclusive NOS Input Transformers (4 of them per unit). Completely flat from 20hz-50khz, perfect pairing with this high character tube design

  • HUGE, Chunky Cornell Dubilier (CDE) and Wima Polypropylene Capacitors

  • Vishay-Sprague higher wattage Resistors throughout

  • Phantom, Polarity and Line/Mic switches

  • +56dB Gain per Channel (+/- 1db)

  • Voice switch provides the perfect Voice filter for vocal tracking (Single pole Butterworth filter with 3db dip around 40hz crossover point)

  • Enormous Davies Knobs

  • Alpha potentiometers and Carling Switches

  • Neutrik XLR Input and Output connectors

  • Hammond 120V Power Transformer (240V now available)

Audioscape Golden 58 Preamp Free Download

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