Beatsinner – Gamut Multi Kit

Beatsinner – Gamut Multi Kit Free Download contains a collection of 450 drums, one shots, earcandy, textures, and creative tools to enhance all aspects of your music.

Beatsinner - Gamut Multi Kit

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Gamut – the complete range or scope of something. a graduated series running from one possible extreme to another.

The idea was to provide a range of sounds that any producer, no matter how experienced or inexperienced, could utilize for a variety of genres (gamut). with this kit, you’ll be able to create music like never before.

Maximize your creativity and break free from boundaries, with a palette of tools that blends organic elements with hazy and otherworldly sonics. ease of use was another priority. the drum loops and the majority of the melodics are time-stretched, so you can spend more time creating than adjusting.

– 70 low-end (808, basses, kicks, toms)
– 80 mid-end (claps, snares, percs)
– 30 high-end (hi-hats, open hi-hats)
– 20 loops (drumloops, percloops)

– 50 low-energy (one shots)
– 100 mid-energy (ambiences, textures)
– 100 high-energy (earcandy, runs, phrases)

Beatsinner – Gamut Multi Kit Free Download

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