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Boom Bap Drum Kit – Back2BoomBap Free Download

Boom Bap drum kit – Back2BoomBap Free Download contains drum kits that are made for producing boom bap type beats.

Direct Download From Google Drive.

boom bap drum kit
boom bap drum kit -Back2BoomBap


Boom Bap drum kit – Back2BoomBap Free Download Contains

  • Boom bap kicks
  • Boom Bap Claps
  • Boom bap Loops
  • Boom bap snares and
  • Boom bap Hats.

Link – Google Drive

Size – 9MB

Download Link Below!

Beginner Producer Tip

How To Mix 90’s Boom Bap Drums

These are some basic jumping-off points, not hard rules. You should always be experimenting and trying things your own way. These are just some of the techniques and ideas historically used in the genre. I hope it helps someone!

So a few key pointers boom bap producers do :

  • lite reverb. Just a small room very minimal, maybe even on a bus instead of on the track.
  • the easy answer for kicks if you want a slushy Dilla/tribe sound is to learn about ducking/sidechaining. Learn the settings so you can get it to drop the gain of the bass or any conflicting sounds when the kick hits. Another tip for the same effect(Dilla/tribe) low pass your kick to near oblivion with high resonance at the sweet spot.
  • On the other hand, if you want a bouncier boom-bap kick(gang Starr, mob deep) you want to enhance the attack phase of your kicks with some filtering and some light distortion. Key theory for making kicks punch like that is to bring out the higher frequencies and fool the ear. Same idea for bass lines.You can find some Quality boom Bap Drum Kits HERE.
  • Another good way to bring out a measly kick is to add stereo widening. Again most daws have Fx for this. Sometimes it’s too much to have it on the main and you just want a little send with it.
  • Now for both your snares and your kicks, you’re going to want to research NY(or “parallel”) compression. The basic idea is leaving an element without compression, then having a send to a version of it that is compressed sharply. Again this tricks your ear into hearing it’s attack louder and punchier. I usually do this on kicks and snares I want to punch, but it’s also great for beefing up wordy rap vocals.
  • let’s talk snares. Also nice to add a bit of distortion, but don’t go crazy. Depending on your DAW or hardware, I sometimes add guitar amp filters on my snares, or even my whole kit(questlove trick) for a crunchy vintage tape sound. Another key for boom bap snares is learning how to use a transient shaper. 
  • you can also get this crunch from various lo-fi and down-sampling effects.
  • if you want that real slimy 90s boom-bap it can’t hurt to get a shitty old tape machine or other tool to run your drums through, but again most DAWs have decent simulations of this process.
  • if you don’t already, start experimenting constantly with sound design. The answer of just using the right pack will never make your drums punch like the good old days. Sure it helps to pick good sounds, but there’s all sorts of ways they used to make them cut through the mix like that. The more you learn about filtering and fx chains now the better.

     Something a lot of people neglect is that despite many of the great hip hop albums being made on relatively cheap gear, they were almost universally taken to an incredible studio and run through an ssl by a guy with 30+ years of experience behind a mixing desk. They are deceptively simple albums with some advanced and bizarre techniques being used and pioneered.

  • Panning! Not as noticeable, but in lots of the best boom bap, you’ll notice the kick is just slightly panned left and the snare is just slightly panned right. Gives each more presence and again, tricks the ears. A LOT of getting drums to punch like that involves some sort of audio trickery relying on natural compensation methods in the human ear lol.

  • let’s talk groove. All the best boom-bap has feel for days. The best guys (Dilla, rza, etc) actually developed ideas on mpcs that now actual drummers copy and learn. It is NOT easy to play that slick drunken Dilla feel on drums.

  • Don’t quantize whenever possible, but if you do, learn it very well. The difference between 52 and 53 on the swing setting can make all the difference between an okay beat and a neck breaker. Study drummers and drum recording also. All the same techniques apply. Questlove is kinda the bridge between the two, and has tons of great talks about the ways he records his drums. Soak all that shit up.

Summation. It’s easy to come close to that sound. It’s easy to say find the right sample packs. But study what went on behind the scenes with your favorite guys and learn their techniques. Some of that stuff is much more complex than people give it credit for.

Boom Bap Drum Kit Free Download  – Back2BoomBap

Boom Bap Drum Kit Free
Google Drive


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