Boom Bap Labs – Rusty Drums Vol. 2

The reason i started music weapons is quite simple, i had always felt there was a hole in the market for real authentic boom-bap drum sounds. People had always complimented me on my drum tones and my drums in general throughout my whole career. Every beat i would create a new kit, i still to this day. In fact the whole Drum Weapons 2 library was directly bounced kits out of beats i had previously made. That changed the game for al ot of people.

Boom Bap Labs - Rusty Drums Vol. 2

Drum Weapons was a hit worldwide and orders were pouring in people loved that they finally found what they were looking for and that was real authentic boom-bap drum kits dripping with character. Well it has been nearly 3 years since i released drum weapons and i feel i should change the game again. This time im digging deeper and giving you the loops even.

Now you can directly just lay the loop in there and lace a sample over it, change it up up the BPM change the mix, chop it up.

Just as you would any other drum break.

The difference is these are BOOM-BAP DRUM LOOPS.

If you are an experienced sampler you can just rearrange the kit itself.

Boom Bap Labs – Rusty Drums Vol. 2 Free Download

download 1 2

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