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Busy Works Beats Course Free Download- The Mixing Academy Complete Bundle Free Download

Busy Works Beats Course – The Mixing Academy Complete Bundle Free Download is a course dedicated to making the art of mixing easier for you to understand.

Direct Download From Google Drive.

Busy Works Beats Course
Busy Works Beats Course – The Mixing Academy Complete Bundle Free Download

Lots of producers simply learn mixing techniques but they have no idea why it works.

This Busy Works Beats Course course shows you why. And learning the “why” will be critical to your skill as a mixer.

Knowing “why” will open up tons of doors you may have overlooked when mixing. This course is packed full of in-the-field mixing examples showing you how to approach a mix and dominate it with excellence.

Learn the Fundamentals

We arranged the mixing academy so that you learn the fundamentals first. Once you watch the fundamental modules, you will then be ready to watch the in-field videos which go in depth showing you how to apply the concepts in mixing mastery.

Make Your Songs Louder, Colorful and Crispy

I don’t want you to get rejected by record label execs like I once did when first starting out. I want you to be able to make your songs loud enough to compete, but not too loud. We will show you how to take a dead mix and bring life into it with classic technique. I will show you the secrets to making your song sound smooth as silk and crisp as a new dollar bill.

The Mixing Academy Complete Bundle contains all premium course videos. From 808 science drums, mixing and vocal processing tutorials to All 8 Modules of the whole course.


  • How to Mix Beats Easily
  • How to Mix Vocals Easily
  • Mixing Academy (Advanced Mixing)
  • What’s the Mixing Academy All About and more.
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Link – Google Drive

Busy Works Beats Course – The Mixing Academy Complete Bundle Free Download

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