CD.mp3 – Twisted Tones (One Shot Kit)

CD.mp3 – Twisted Tones (One Shot Kit) out now!

CD.Mp3 - Twisted Tones

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When creating this pack I wanted to capture the iconic nostalgia feeling of the 60s+70s+80s from a modern perspective to create something refreshing yet familiar. By blending patches from retro synth models with futuristic textures from an experimental approach to sound design, an anachronistic feeling was born.

(Experiment with stretch settings using “key ~ first love” and “key ~ tastefully romantic” to unlock instant auto-processing magic)

Contains 128 Samples

  • 26x One Shots
  • 5x Basses
  • 9x Keys
  • 4x Leads
  • 8x Pads
  • 10x Percussion Loops
  • 16x Chops/Phrases
  • 22x Sound Effects
  • 28x Textures

CD.mp3 – Twisted Tones (One Shot Kit)

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