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Cookin’ Soul is a Spanish producer-DJs duo known separately as Big Size and Zock. Producing work since around 2005, the two have developed a strong presence in the mixtape circuit in the US, according to El País.

Here you will find cookin soul collections kits released so far.

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Supreme Cookin’ sample packs are brought to you by Grammy award-winning producer Cookin Soul and producer/keyboard wizard Soul Supreme. Delivering original sounds for producers and artists to sample with hassle-free clearance. The first pack consists of 10 tracks ranging from library-style compositions to soul-jazz buttery sounds using a Fender Rhodes Mk1, Moog Sub-37, Sequential OB6, Yamaha U3H piano, and other instruments. All sounds were created from scratch – no presets over here!

Cookin Soul’s beats are soft as talc, smooth as silk. They are the sound of luxury, the soundtrack of slow motion. Size and Zock’s heavy use of soul samples from the ‘70s and ‘80s imbue their music with a nostalgic quality.  Ultimately, their beats are best experienced to enhance good times, perhaps while sitting on the beach, smoking a fat blunt, or while cruising down your local arterial five over the speed limit in the summertime, smoking on a fat blunt.

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