Cymatics 2024 Essential Collection Pack

Cymatics 2024 Essential Collection Pack Free Download includes 3 Brand New Packs (Drum Loops, Drum
One Shots & Heavy 808s) for FREE.

Cymatics 2024 Essential Collection Pack
Cymatics 2024 Essential Collection Pack


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Includes 240+ New Samples For Producing Hard Hitting Tracks

To kick off our 2024 Spring Sale, we put together these 3 new packs to hook everyone up.

This includes brand new 808s, Drum Loops & Drum One Shots, all designed for producing hard hitting music.

Our team processed every sound inside so that there isn’t any additional work needed to get them to hit hard in the mix.

Inside, you’ll get 240+ new samples to work with, and it’s completely free to download!

SOLARIS – 808 & Bass Collection
Heavy 808s & Basses Processed To Punch Through Any Mix

SOLARIS covers all of your low-end needs for producing hard hitting, banger tracks.
Inside, you’ll find a wide array of low end samples, ranging from monstrous 808s, Donks and Reeses.
Each bass sample has undergone rigorous processing and testing across various mixing environments, guaranteeing their impact on any playback device.
AZURA – Drum Loop Collection
Hard Hitting Drum Loops Designed For A Variety of Production Styles

AZURA includes a variety of tediously crafted drum loops, designed to punch through on any speaker system.
We included a variety of styles to work with inside, not to mention each loop comes with the individual stem layers.
Our team spent extra time processing each of these to ensure that they don’t require any elbow grease to get them hitting hard.
PLUTO – Drum One Shot Collection
Crisp & Punchy Drum One Shots For Producing Banger Tracks

PLUTO provides you with a premium selection of Modern Trap-inspired drum sounds for producing banger tracks.
Every Kick, Snare, Hi-Hat, and more has been processed with a placement ready sound in mind.
This ensures that they cut through any mix / speaker system, so they are good to go straight out of the box.

Cymatics 2024 Essential Collection Pack Free Download

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