Cymatics Black Friday Deluxe Bundle

Cymatics Black Friday Deluxe bundle INCLUDES 4 DELUXE COLLECTION PACKS by cymatics.

Cymatics Black Friday Deluxe Bundle
Cymatics Black Friday Deluxe Bundle



  • LOFI Deluxe Collection
When making the Deluxe LoFi pack we focused on creating a deep collection of melodic compositions providing the perfect launching point for creating LoFi tracks.
Filled with the melodic loops of live guitars, dusty pianos, organs, and vintage synths. Including compositions featuring multiple melodic elements along with instrumental stems.
To pull these components together we’ve included a wide selection of crunchy drum loops, one shot kicks, snares, hi-hats, vinyl cracks, and other atmospheric elements that fit perfectly into any LoFi production.
  • MIDI Deluxe Collection
Our team of experienced songwriters and producers have put together an expansive collection of high quality MIDI progressions and melodies that make it simple to quickly find inspiration and write great music faster than ever.
All MIDI files have been carefully refined, giving you useable progressions that can be dropped into your DAW immediately.
These MIDI files are also great if you’re trying to improve your songwriting skills and learn how simple, effective progressions and melodies are written. Drag each file into your DAW and analyze the note choices, then tweak them to your liking and make your own original melodies as well.
  • SERUM Deluxe Collection
This is a diverse collection of meticulously programmed melodic presets for Serum wavetable synth by Xfer.
Our sound designers have put a lot of time into mastering the ways of sound design in Serum. And now have created a preset library that can be used in any genre of music that utilizes lush and melodic synth sounds.
This pack is perfect for beginners who need help making beautiful and flowing synth sounds or advanced producers who want to tweak a few knobs to create their own sounds.
  • VOCAL Deluxe Collection
The Deluxe Vocal Collection is packed full of acapellas, vocal loops, samples and FX that add an authentic human element to tracks of any genre including hip-hop, r&b, and EDM.
We recorded with a group of professional vocalists, both male and female, and our production team carefully edited and polished what was captured in their studios.
In this collection you can expect new studio acapellas and sung phrases, in a variety of labeled bpms and keys. These can be used as a resource to chop up and resample or dropped into a track used as they are. All are original and completely royalty free!

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