Cymatics Echoes Free Download

Cymatics Echoes Free Download is a Collection of Nostalgic Sounds Inspired by Vintage & Lofi.

Cymatics Echoes Free Download
Cymatics Echoes Free Download


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ECHOES: Melody Collection
Highly Nostalgic Melodies That Feel Like A Distant Dream
For the Melody Loops in ECHOES, we pulled inspiration from all different types of Lofi & Vintage style music.
Each of these were designed to immediately invoke feelings of nostalgia and emotion that you would typically associate with these styles of music.
They sound amazing for not only Lofi & Vintage, but also anything from Bedroom Pop, Indie, Trap, RnB, Synthwave, to many other styles of production.
CASCADE: Drum Loop Collection
Mix-Ready Lofi Inspired Drum Loops Processed With Analog Warmth
These Drum Loops were all designed within the context of Lofi music specifically.
Inside, you’ll find a variety of mellow drum loops that sit perfectly in the pocket of the melody loops from ECHOES.
And each of these carries the processing style of analog and tape, so there’s a ton of warmth throughout each loop.
SOLSTICE: Percussion Loop Collection
Textural Percussion Loops Filled With Unique Vintage Flavor
For the percussion loops, we aimed to deliver on percussion textures that you can splash throughout your tracks for extra character.
These sound amazing when paired with the drum loops, and the melodies from ECHOES as well.
Like the drum loops, these also carry a similar style of processing, so they sit perfectly in the mix without taking up all of the attention.
SERENITY: Drum One Shots
Crisp Drum One Shots Inspired by The Warmth of Vintage & Lofi
To allow you to build your own drum patterns, we designed this library of Vintage & Lofi inspired Drum One Shots.
Inside, you’ll find a variety of Kicks, Snares, Cymbals, Hihats, and more, each pre-processed with warmth and character.
These make it super easy to build your own drum patterns from scratch, instantly dialing into that special vintage sound straight out of the box.
EMBER: Hihat Loop & MIDI Collection
“Off The Grid” Hihat Patterns For Crafting Drums That Stand Out
EMBER delivers on a variety of Hihat patterns that our team crafted for Lofi & Vintage style music.
Each of these were hand crafted “off the grid”, so they are filled with unique swing & rhythm that you’d typically hear in a Lofi style record.
We processed each of these to sit perfectly in the mix as is, but they also include the MIDI compositions so you can customize them to your liking.
MIDNIGHT: Ambience Collection
Organic Nature & Ambience Sounds Processed Through Tape & Analog Gear
For MIDNIGHT, we had the team get creative by exploring different surroundings such as forests, parks, creeks, and more to capture organic sound.
Each of these were polished with tape processing, adding a ton of character throughout every single sample.
These are perfect for adding that extra bit of flavor to any track you’re working on, try them in your intros, bridges, outros, or even full songs.
RESONANCE: Bass & 808 Collection
Analog Processed Bass & 808 Samples For Heavy Hitting Low-End
RESONANCE focuses entirely on all of your low-end needs, with versatile bass & 808 samples that work for many different styles of music.
We included a variety of different styles inside, from heavy 808s to acoustic-style basses, and even synth basses.
These were also processed using some of our favorite analog gear, so they carry that special warmth throughout each sound.
NOSTALGIA: FX Collection
Various FX Samples Inspired by The Dreamy Sound of Lofi
NOSTALGIA delivers a library of unique-sounding ear candy FX samples, perfect for bringing any track to life.
Inside, you’ll have a variety of FX to choose from such as Impacts, Noise Sweeps, Tonal Ambience, and other various style FX.
Splash these throughout your tracks to add interesting textures to any type of track you’re working on.

Cymatics Echoes Free Download

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