Cymatics Narcos Trap Melodies

Cymatics Narcos Trap Melodies Free Download is like having your team of loop makers, inspired by legendary loop makers like CuBeatz, it provides a deep bag to pull from for inspiration when starting your next big record.

Cymatics Narcos Trap Melodies

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Composing quality melody loops is one of the most important parts of making a hit record. Even the biggest producers in the game have teams of loop makers to supply them with melody loops, so they can find one for any vibe when it’s studio time. (Just look at the long list of production credits on songs by artists like Travis Scott and Kanye West)

Stems for each melody are included as well, making each loop easy to customize and flip in endless ways – change the tempo, adjust the pitch, chop it up and rearrange it, or just drop it in as-is.


  • 53 Trap Melodies
  • Stems and MIDI included
  • 100% royalty free

Cymatics Narcos Trap Melodies Free Download


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