D16 Group Phoscyon 2 Free Download

D16 Group Phoscyon 2 Free Download is the first M1-native plugin from D16. It delivers more authenticity, a better GUI and finally a reasonable sequencer and also plenty more effects.

Free Download VST Plugin below.

D16 Group Phoscyon 2 Free Download

D16 Group Phoscyon 2 Free Download is a plugin emulation of the monophonic Roland TB-303, the ACID techno machine par excellence. A former automatic accompaniment flop, a discounted Billo synth that has mutated underground into a brand new style icon – meanwhile, synth snobs in particular have discovered it as an expensive collector’s item.

Emulation of the legendary 303 silver box has been taken to entirely new heights. Signal path was completely re-designed to achieve an unprecedented level of emulation accuracy, resulting in this new incarnation of the plug-in.

In the state-of-the-art FX chain, you can find a whole bunch of algorithms with acidic squeaks in mind.

New sequencer and arpeggiator makes D16 Group Phoscyon 2 Free Download even more appealing. Edit patterns with ease and convenience, play them live in a loop and switch between them in whatever way you find most convenient – using a mouse, a MIDI controller or DAW MIDI notes to express your musical ideas.

D16 Group Phoscyon 2 Free Download

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VST Plugins For Windows HERE.

VST Plugins For MAC HERE.

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