Dark Plugg x Slimesito Loop Kit Free Download

Dark Plugg x Slimesito Loop Kit Free Download contains 13 Loop WAVs for Trap Music Production.

Dark Plugg x Slimesito Loop Kit Free Download
Dark Plugg x Slimesito Loop Kit Free Download


Link – Google Drive

Download Link Below.

Daily Production Tips

22 Tips For Beginner Music Producers

  1. Learn your daw. You can recreate any expensive plugin by learning the stock plugins. Every plugin boils down to either changing the pitch or the volume. There are loads of videos on youtube with the title „100 tips for Ableton“ or similar. Watch them.

  2. try recreating stuff you heard.

  3. learn how to use automation.

  4. learn the keyboard shortcuts. The more efficient your processes are the more effective you will be at getting the music from your head into your daw.

  5. learn how synthesizers work – what an oscillator is, how LFO works, what filter and resonance do, how asdr works

  6. Use math to set reverb lengths

  7. learn compression and sidechain compression

  8. learn equalizers – you mostly just need high and low settings. Anything else probably hollows out / or makes your sound unnatural.

  9. Use live percussion samples to make your songs sound more natural.

  10. Use swing to make your music more human.

  11. experiment with microphone positioning.

  12. learn a little music theory. Use the Pentatonic scale and from there on adding a few spicier notes.

  13. learn to play a little piano. Things you record will sound a lot better than everything quantized.

  14. Add barely audible stuff like forest noises, birds, or humans talking to your track as a „floor“ so silence feels more natural.

  15. Use a microphone or your phone to record interesting sounds you find and record and use them.

  16. start uploading immediately. Your music will sound crap for ages but that’s the learning process and you will get better after every track.

  17. build your risers from the sounds of the track you making and don‘t use random sample

  18. download sample packs – there are loads of sample packs that are free.

  19. learn how to manipulate midi, how to pitch bend, how arpeggiators work

  20. freeze tracks to save CPU

  21. watch other people producing in your daw on youtube

  22. keep your vsts and samples sorted for quick access.

Dark Plugg x Slimesito Loop Kit Free Download

Google Drive
Dark Plugg x Slimesito Loop Kit Free Download


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