deCoda VST Free Download WIN

deCoda VST Free Download WIN will tell you the key, the tempo, and chords as well as identify the verse, chorus, and other sections of the track.

Direct download VST Plugin.

deCoda VST Free Download WIN
deCoda VST Free Download

deCoda decodes your song’s musical data such as beat, tempo, key, chords and song structure.

Using AI, deCoda makes educated guesses for each providing a good starting point for your edits. In some cases, you won’t need to make any edits!

Dive deeper with deCoda’s easy-to-use tools to help you really perfect playing a song.

Bring the tempo down to hear nifty musicianship or change the key of the song to find one that’s more suited to your playing or singing style.

An intuitive Focus EQ helps you identify parts of the song that you want to filter out or hear isolated.

deCoda was inspired and informed by professionals in the music and recording industry to help you learn songs faster and easier than ever.

Created by zplane, deCoda is powered by the same technologies that are used by leading music-makers and producers all over the world.

zplane technology is included in many leading DAWs and can be heard on countless chart-topping hits.


Features of deCoda VST

  • Find Key, tempo and chords with the help of advanced algorithms
  • Learn to play songs in parts with flexible looping options
  • Automatic song structure detection helps you find intro, verse, chorus etc.
  • Transpose parts or the entire track to a key that suits you better
  • Change tempo without changing the pitch
  • Use the Focus EQ to isolate a certain instrument
  • View the parts of the song on a piano roll display
  • Export MIDI parts that you have traced from the audio.
  • Audio formats – wav, aiff, mp3, wma, flac, ogg
  • Native compatibility with Apple M1 processors

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deCoda VST Free Download WIN

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VST Plugins For Windows HERE.

VST Plugins For MAC HERE.


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