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Devious Machines Everything Bundle MAC Free Download

Devious Machines Everything Bundle MAC Free Download is a cutting-edge developer of high-quality audio software for professionals. Jim and Dom run the company and do much of the design and programming, and Scott provides support, sounds, and testing. Devious Machines are boutique British developers of innovative software for the modern musician.

Free Download VST Plugin Below.

Devious Machines Everything Bundle MAC Free Download
Devious Machines Everything Bundle MAC Free Download

Bundle Includes

  • Duck v1.3.7
  • PitchMonster v1.3.8
  • Infiltrator v2.2.8
  • Boost v1.5.10
  • Texture v1.8.6


Extreme Pitch Shifting
Underneath Pitch Monster’s streamlined exterior lurks an absolute beast, capable of 64 voices of sound-warping insanity. Transform a solo vocal into a beautiful choir or robotic melody; turn a mono synth into an orchestra or your familiar speaking voice into the rumbling vibrations of Thor, God of Thunder.

Infiltrator 2

  • The multi-effect evolved.
  • Jaw-dropping effects, expressive control.
  • An infiltrator could be your new secret weapon.


Perfect Sidechain Ducking
Ducking, or sidechain compression is a defining effect of modern music. From classic house to modern EDM, tracks by Daft Punk, Noisia, and Eric Prydz ooze that pumping, ducking effect.


Pro Dynamics With An Upward Focus Boost is an ultra-low distortion, upwards limiter from UrsaDSP. Its revolutionary design gives you new ways to control dynamics without forcing you to accept distortion.


A powerful sound layering effect. Add noise and interest, or completely transform your sound.

Devious Machines Everything Bundle MAC Free Download

download 1


VST Plugins For Windows HERE.

VST Plugins For MAC HERE.

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