Dover – Almost Human (Sound Kit)

Dover – Almost Human (Sound Kit) Free Download is a cheat code for experimental sample making and hope you guys enjoy!

Dover - Almost Human (Sound Kit)

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All sounds come from various acoustic guitars or my voice using a SE Voodoo Vr 2 mic, mixed and labeled by key/bpm. When I switched to using fl studio, I learned how to make melodies through manipulating one shots and phrases, and wanted to design the same experience for anyone looking to make live melodies without the inconvenience of recording.


  • 14 Vocals
  • 11 Textures
  • 13 Strings
  • 34 Phrases
  • 14 Chords
  • 16 Random Accents, Starters And Instrument Chops
  • 10 Melodies

Dover – Almost Human (Sound Kit) Free Download


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